Never Worry About Awkward Profile Pics Again With These 13 Crucial Tips

You know that this modern world of Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram profile pics — not to mention conferences and ID badges — requires you to have a decent headshot saved to your desktop for easy access.

But if you’ve always been a little unsure if you’ve got it right, we’ve got thirteen tips for making your profile pics look great.

First, here are four great head shots:

They are all smiling, forward-looking, well-dressed people with good lighting and faces that fill the square of the photo.

And it’s easy to look this good if you avoid these 13 easy goofs:


Check it twice to make sure your audience isn’t seeing double.

Busy Background

You should be the star of your own photo, not the backdrop!


Remind people how they should feel about seeing you.

Head cut off

Make sure you’re nicely centered in your own shot.

Smile at the camera

You’re not in a U2 video. Look at the camera.

Mug shot

Avoid the “America’s Most Wanted” look with a smile and a neutral background

You can do this after you win your first Oscar. Until then, have a friend take the photo.


Step into the sunlight, but not…

Too much sun

Squinting isn’t the impression you want to make on people.

Come closer

You want your head and shoulders to be the shot — not your head, shoulders, belly, knees, and ankles. It’s a “headshot” after all.

Too much filter

Leave the artistry for your Instagram account.

It’s “business” casual

T-shirts are for billionaires. Look nice for your future boss in your photo.

Drinks on me!

Actually… you don’t need a drink in the photo.


I hope you make it look easy this week in the job search, Readers!

I’ll be rooting for you.

Marc Cenedella|is the Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ladders, Inc., the comprehensive career resource dedicated to helping professionals ‘Manage, Market and Move-up’ in their careers