My interviews with WSJ, Forbes and Fortune

I recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about ‘Remote Work is the New Signing Bonus’ and the tremendous growth we’re seeing post-COVID in remote work. 

The tools that make remote work possible slipped into place over the past five years, but our society hadn’t embraced it. During the pandemic, we ran a grand natural experiment to answer the question: “Can we be productive remotely?”

The answer has come back as a resounding “yes.”

As a result, we’re seeing more workers demanding, and more employers offering, remote work as a primary benefit.

The trend is certain to continue as I explained in this interview with the San Jose Mercury News: ‘Remote work is now the hottest ‘city’ for high-paying jobs.’ 

According to Ladders’ data, if you counted ‘remote’ as a city, it would now be the largest city for $100K+ jobs in the nation.  And that’s amazing because eighteen months ago, it wasn’t even in the Top 50.

In other items in our press roundup, I spoke to Forbes twice recently.  Once on One Year After The First Wave Of Pandemic Jobs Losses, U.S. Adds Nearly A Million Jobs In March, commenting on the strong job market we’re seeing.  Not as strong as January 2020 yet, but certainly better than anything we could have hoped for a year ago.

And I spoke with Forbes again on Does Customizing Every Resume Work? The Answer May Surprise You, unless you’ve been a regular reader of my newsletter, in which case you know the answer is ‘no.’  It’s simply too hard for you as a resume writer to predict what’s going to work with the random resume reader on the other side of your application.  Because of this, your guesswork about how you’re modifying your resume has a 50-50 chance, at best, of being an improvement. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

In more Ladders-specific news, we were honored to be selected as the Best Job Search Website for Experienced Managers by The Balance Careers: Best Job Search Websites.

FastCompany covered the launch of our Chrome Extension:

This Chrome extension lets you apply for tons of remote jobs with just a click

While Fortune covered the launch of Apply4Me earlier this year: How online job boards are making it easier to apply for openings 

It was certainly a busy season for us here at Ladders as the economy, and hiring, both came back to life. We’re looking forward to seeing you in your next great role soon!