My bestsellers on resumes and interviews for $5 each

My bestsellers, Ladders Resume Guide and Ladders Interviews Guide, show you in 90 minutes how to handle two fundamental parts of the job search. And now they’re just $4.97 each on Kindle on Amazon.

Ladders Interviews Guide Ladders Resume Guide

I’ve done the hard part of cutting down everything you need to know to merely 90 minutes of reading time, so you can stop wasting hours with internet advice and focus your efforts.

There’s a reason these books have been bestsellers each year since I started publishing them four years ago. In simple, easy-to-follow language, they tell you what you need to know.

Ladders Resume Guide details what a great resume looks like and how you can construct your own, simply and painlessly. It links to our extensive catalog of resume templates.

And it helps you avoid wasting time on things that don’t matter: multiple versions of your resume, using a thesaurus to pick verbs, or writing objective statements. 

Ladders Interviews Guide shows you how to interview well, triumph over the 49 questions you’ll be asked in interviews, and arms you with 25 great, effective questions for you to look smart asking your future boss. 

Here’s some of what you’ll find in these bestsellers:

What’s important in a resume. I share 25 specific verbs to power your bullet points. No more thesaurus, no more guessing. You’ll learn which email provider to use so you stand out for the right reasons. I walk you through how to pack your professional summary with desired job titles, accomplishments and skills to attract attention from your future boss. And I provide specific examples of how to organize and craft your resume.

49 interview questions they’ll ask you. I explain the rising popularity of behavioral interviewing and what it means for your job search. Step by step, I walk you through seven categories of behavioral questions and provide detailed insights into how your answers should position your candidacy for success. 

25 questions you’ll ask them. Active listening is a critical skill for understanding your interviewer’s needs and succeeding in the interview. I detail 25 questions you can ask any company and any hiring manager, to gain the insights you need into a company’s operations and culture. In arming you with all the questions you’ll ever need in a job interview, I’ll advise that you should never run out of questions with an interviewer, only the time to ask them. 

If you’re looking for a job this January, these two books can help improve your performance in a few hours. 

Buy Ladders Resume Guide, and Ladders Interviews Guide at Amazon today. (Tomorrow’s OK too .)