When You Look in the Mirror, I Smile

Find out how a simple mirror can improve your likelihood of landing the job.

Let’s face it, the professional job search is a heck of a lot longer, more tedious, and more frustrating than any of us can bear.

Between ducking out for lunch-time interviews and cranking through networking calls, your job search might leave you frazzled, hassled and just a bit “down in the dumps.”

Banging out another four phone calls after an exhausting day in the office — even though it could mean the jackpot — is tough to get excited about.

And the negative thoughts from a bad mood or a hard day have a way of creeping into your voice. You might not even realize it, but you may come across sounding tired or crabby or exhausted, and that undercuts the whole purpose of making your calls.

So here’s my bit of job hunting success advice to make your calls sound great:

Buy a mirror.

It sounds like a small thing, and probably a funny thing, but a mirror can be a remarkably helpful thing for wiping away the negative feelings you might unconsciously be transmitting over the airwaves.

Buy a mirror, and keep it by the phone. Just before you make your networking calls and interview calls, take a good long look in the mirror.

And what do we do when we look in the mirror?

We smile.

It’s just a minute, but before your calls, make sure to have a nice, big, warm smile back at yourself.

Think of summer days, or your first kiss, or the birth of your first child, and enjoy watching how big and wide a smile you can have.

And the amazing thing, which scientific research has actually backed up, is that our facial expressions can really change our emotions.

So you’ll find that even after a bad news day, grinning a grin — a big old grin — for 5 minutes can actually make you feel better. I’ve tried it myself over the years, and it’s really true.

Those positive feelings help your spirits, help you sound great on the phone, and help you get your next job that much quicker.

So that’s my simple advice for this week, folks: mirror = smile = good attitude = positive impression. I hope you find it as useful as I have!

Enjoy and have a great week!