Lead more effective meetings from home with this revolutionary meeting platform

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As many of us transition to working remotely, it’s important for company leadership to take responsibility for one of the most inefficient and costly mistakes we all have to suffer through on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times a day.

I’m talking about the dreaded work meeting.

A new study encompassing 19-million meetings found the cost of poorly organized meetings for 2019 was $399 billion in the U.S. alone. The reasons for these inefficiencies run the gammon. From lack of an agenda to inviting people who are irrelevant to the topic, it’s time to establish a new way to conduct meetings.

Your team can avoid the common pitfalls of these costly meetings with the Meetquo Remote Meeting Platform. This hybrid meeting platform allows teams to brainstorm, discuss agendas, and keep track of decisions on their own time.

Meetquo is revolutionizing how teams communicate by allowing meeting members to simply create a document and exchange feedbacks asynchronously. That means never having to suffer from an embarrassing ‘brain fart’ in front of your boss again. Seriously, can you imagine a meeting where everyone is allowed to take their time to research their replies and then record them or type the answer out on their own time? It’s quite genius, actually.

Starting today, you could be replacing your regular meetings with unlimited Meetquo meetings (for up to 5 people) for only $49.99. Originally $1,200 – that’s a 95% price reduction.

The best part is once a meeting is finished, you can close it out and refer to it anytime. All results are recorded and saved in a handy repository so you can review them at your leisure, or use them to get new employees up to speed.

Forget wasting your breath on time-filling banter. Your team will never be stuck waiting for a late colleague again with Meetquo. Access the Meetquo Remote Meeting Platform as soon as today for only $49.99 (and use it for life).

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