I just want to say how much I appreciate the work you’re doing

Sharing your gratitude for the people around you is a great way to help yourself, your career, your community, and your state of mind.

At the end of this newsletter, I’m going to ask you to send a quick 3-sentence thank you to somebody, right now, to share how much you appreciating something they accomplished.

It’s just a simple thing:

“Jerry – just wanted to let you know that I’ve been through the terrific work you’ve been doing on Terrapin Station. I’m glad we didn’t listen when the other side said it was time for the train to “put its brakes on” — everything has turned out wonderfully . I’m looking forward to working with you next month on the Delilah Jones account.”

Showing gratitude is good for you.

When you focus more on the good in the world around you, it actually puts you in a better mood, and a better frame of mind. Rather than dwelling on the errors, mistakes, and missteps of your co-workers, focusing on their successes, and rewarding and encouraging them for their triumphs — however small — actually makes you feel better. And that’s because it actually makes you better — with each “thank you” you become a more gracious, supportive, collaborative person.

Showing gratitude now is much more effective than networking later.

Too often, busy professionals wait until it is too late to build strong and effective relationships with peers and professional contacts. The worst time to reach out to someone after a long pause is when you need a favor. The best time is… today. And if you can share something appreciative, it will make all the difference.

Showing gratitude makes you more effective.

People want their work to be rewarded. Yes, in cash and equity, but far more importantly, in thanks and appreciation. When the people around you know that you are the type of person who will reward them in this most important currency of the realm, they’ll want to work with you and want to be on the receiving end of those little bits of glory.

Entice them with your kindnesses.

So please take a moment right now, think of somebody, something, or someone that impressed you in the past 24 hours, and send them a note to tell them what a great job you think they’re doing.

It’s a great, and rewarding, way to start everybody’s week…

I’m rooting for you!