Thanks for the raise!

Whether you’re searching for a job or seeking a promotion or raise, you have lots of questions about how much you can get paid in exchange for your daily grind…

Could I earn more somewhere else? What’s the competition like for my role? Do I have the right skills to move up in my career?

This Thanksgiving, you’ll give thanks for a new feature we’re unveiling here at Ladders. We’ve combined market research and 10 years of data from our six million+ members to bring you salary and job demand data for jobs like yours. Just visit our  comprehensive job market guides here  to help empower and improve your career.

Here’s what you’ll find when you  visit our job market guides :

Annual Compensation Shows the average annual compensation and income distribution for a particular title in a specific location.

  • Compare locations to see which city is likely to yield a high income for that title
  • If you’re considering a move into a certain career, you can gain a better understanding of what compensation will be like

Competition Shows what the level of competition is like based on how many job seekers there are per open job in the city for that title.

  • Helps decide when to move on to a new job – if competition is high, it may be worth waiting until it’s average or low
  • Gives you an understanding of how likely it is that you will land the job you want
  • You can determine how hard you’ll have to work for the job (although you should be pulling out all the stops anyways!)

Desired Skills Shows the 10 skills recruiters mention most in job postings for the title in question.

  • Gauge your level of candidacy for this title based on how many of the top skills you possess
  • Uncover which skills you should acquire to propel your career
  • Play to your strengths in interviews by highlighting the skills you possess that are most desired by recruiters (insert these into your online profile, resume, and cover letter as well!

Ladders Rank  Ladders Rank is a grading system that calculates the optimal cities for this job title. We take into account annual compensation, volume of jobs, and job competition. Shows the top 3 cities for this job title, and where the city you searched for falls on the list.

  • Gives you an understanding of how feasible it is for you to land a good job in your city with a good salary
  • If you’re open to relocation, it helps you gauge which cities will be best for your discipline

So I hope you’ll enjoy these  job market guides  — after turkey and football of course — during this Thanksgiving week, Readers, and that they’ll lead you to a better compensated 2015! There’s nothing we like to hear more than ‘Thanks for the raise!’