Our Best Advice: Results from Reader Research

We recently added Career Advice to our site – an archive of the hundreds of articles we’ve run in this newsletter and our Wednesday “Executive Coach” over the years.

Now, I’m a stats junkie – it kind of comes with the territory when you’re the manager of an online business – so I was pretty excited to get my hands on our latest report on what you, our loyal subscribers, find to be the most valuable material.

It turns out that the Personal Branding section is where you are voting with your feet…er, mouse. It’s our most popular section with you all.

So I dug through the treasure trove and found some of the best of the best Career Advice to highlight for you:

This article, Google, Your Best Friend in a Job Search from our friends William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson, lays out the basics of how to use the world’s most popular search engine to get a leg up in your job hunt.

Deliver a Presentation Like Steve Jobs shows you how to use that beguiling master’s techniques in making your presentations stand out. Actually, it reminds me of a blog post I found a couple years ago titled Gates, Jobs & the Zen Aesthetic, which I personally found extraordinarily useful. Having been in finance before, my PowerPoints were littered with bullet points, complex graphics, and lots and lots of “busyness.” Since reading this article, I’ve changed my presentation style to be much more word–based, and much less text–based. What I’ve discovered is that when you’ve written the story out on the slides, your audience kind of views you as “in the way” of their being able to read the slides. When you let pictures tell the story, I find the audience sees the picture, gets the image, and then turns to you to help explain it some more. Good, solid advice.

And this chestnut from Dan Coughlin, Be Results Driven and Review Driven, gives great insight into the nuance between inflicting goals on your people and the better path of making your team part of the solution.

Say, Readers, there’s a lot more great material that we’ve collected over the years in our Career Advice section, so I hope you’ll take the time to check out the articles above as well as all the great advice we have on:

We’ve tried to find the best of the best in each category, and I hope you’ll find that you can put it to good use.