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It’s Getting Better All The Time

In honor of The Beatles’ streaming this holiday week, a fortuitous lyric from Sgt. Pepper’s above and a gratuitous link to a recent Beatles “Revolution” video.

It does seem the employment picture is looking brighter this year than it has at any time in the past decade…

The Wall Street Journal reports 2.3% unemployment in Lincoln, Nebraska and 31 other cities across the country…

Gallup says in the past 15 years, only in 2007 were people more optimistic about it being a good time to get a job…

And according to the Fed, we now have more people employed in the United States than ever before in our history — 150 million…

So perhaps, finally, we can have a year of plenty after seven years of lean, Readers. And that’s good news for the new year!

Happy New Year, folks!

I’m rooting for you.

p.s. Join the conversation on “Getting Better” on my blog.

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Marc Cenedella

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