If I knew then…

This has been floating around for a bit, but I must’ve missed it:

“As the 50th reunion of Harvard Business School’s Class of 1963 approached, we asked the class members if they had any advice to pass along to younger generations.”

And what follows is not just good advice about jobs, careers, or getting ahead, but also the most important stuff — your life, your family, your loves.

Some stand-outs in the advice from the Class of ’63, were:

“I would have been a better leader if I had been less cocky in my early career and more confident in my middle career.” – Leadership

Lack of an ethical compass” – Business

“Keep re-inventing yourself through self-education, because industries change quickly.” – Careers

“My one big mistake in life has been providing a trust fund for my five children. I’m very comfortable paying for an education for as long as they want to study in a reputable university. However, providing additional funds so they could have a lifestyle beyond what they have achieved on their own was a mistake.” – Family

I hope you’ll find wisdom and comfort and energy in these pages, folks!

I’m rooting for you.