I Wasn’t Ignoring You, I Was Bored

Simple, yet effective advice on how to write a great email.

At the end of summer, a short bit of advice on email I picked up on Twitter last spring:

Your audience is busy. They’ve got meetings to sleep in, candy to crush, and fantasy baseball teams to rebalance. Stand out from the other five hundred emails they’ve received this morning by deleting most of what you’ve written. A shorter message stands out.

You see, when you write a long email, your chances of being read, understood, and remembered are much lower. People are receiving far more junk email these days than ever before. Some people have even declared “email bankruptcy” and deleted all of their old emails at once without reading them! So it’s important that you be as concise as possible.

Fewer words on a bold white background grab the attention of the reader and the message resonates. Longer messages hit the trash can without ever making an impact.

Follow it and prosper!

I’m rooting for you.