I found another great set of resumes. Thank you!

You know that you use Ladders because it’s the #1 job search mobile app and the easiest place to find info on the great jobs you’re looking for.

But did you know why employers use Ladders?

It’s because they can contact a refined set of professionals outside of the professional network meat markets. When I asked what our employer friends had to say about us, here’s what they shared…

Patrick Riley from HP reported, “We found many quality candidates that have interviewed in Boston and DC. The Hiring Managers were very pleased with the talent!”

An avid user of Ladders, Colleen Corbin from Microsoft took the time to let us know that she, “loves the quality of candidates, the service, and Ladders outstanding customer support!!”

On a recent call with his dedicated account manager, Peter Khoo from Ernst & Young told us that his team made 4 hires directly from Ladders and he loves that he can find top talent so easily.

Sometimes the recruiters cannot help but shout how happy they are with Ladders and our amazing job seeking professionals. Kathleen Nering from Microsoft took the time to let us know, “I found another great set of resumes. THANK YOU!!! MANY MANY THANK YOU’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. So did Darrell Palombo of CSI – Crescent Search, Inc. “THE PREMIER PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE to connect with others where you can maximize collaboration to mutually contribute to the success of business.”

As we all know time is money and recruiters love that our services are intuitive and make it that much easier to find the professionals for which they are looking. Megan Bell of Federated Capital Corporation commented that Ladders offers, “easy to search resumes; nice parameters to use for searching; easy to post multiple jobs and from multiple companies you are recruiting for.”

Knowing that they are going to find top talent every time recruiters do a search is what drives them to come back day after day. Phil Tiene of Genesis Agency let us know that, “Ladders is a comprehensive resource for qualified candidates, specifically having a much more relevant database of job-seeking professionals.”

Well, there you have it, folks, straight from the people looking to hire you.

Have a great week in the search, and here’s to being found…