How to write better, more engaging emails? Start with this $40 copywriting class

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If you’re in any sort of business or marketing role, you know that emails are an essential part of pretty much everything you’re working on.

You use them to cold pitch clients, provide updates to your boss, even congratulate others on things. But have you ever really looked at what your email writing style says about you at work? 

A little bit of guidance and practice can change that. You’ll be astonishing people with your brevity and straight-to-the-point emails with help from The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle, on sale for $38.95 (total value is $699.99).

The jump from copywriting to email writing is natural. If you think about it, copywriters are the best salespeople by nature. Their number one job is to sell the reader on an idea. So who better to teach you how to get your point across? 

With this 11-course bundle, you’ll learn persuasive writing techniques and more from expert copywriter Alan Sharpe. A 30-year veteran in his industry, Alan has been teaching people how to write persuasively since 1989. Through his conference workshops, webinars, and books, Alan has helped thousands of copywriters on four continents master the craft of persuading on paper. 

Alan will also teach you how to stop writing bland email headlines. With this bundle, you’ll learn how the professionals write eye-catching headlines and opening sentences with the Headlines and Openers course. After all, grabbing people’s attention to even open your email can be the hardest part of crafting your messaging.

You’ll learn to never hit ‘send’ again without first checking for flow and consistency. Wandering around the point and using choppy verbiage are common mistakes for the untrained eye. The course on Eliminating the 10 Most Common Mistakes will help you catch these glaring grammar and spelling issues, among other contextual issues.

Learning to be a copywriting master goes beyond writing better emails, too. It will help you in your career by giving you the power of the written word in everything you do. Enroll in the The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle for just $38.99 and learn how to write engaging emails (and more) today. 

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