How to save yourself 15 minutes on every job application

Applying for jobs is annoying. Filling out the same forms again and again. Uploading your resume and correcting the computer’s errors multiple times. Trying to stay focused while answering the same question for the 73rd time. On average, each job application takes up 15 minutes of your precious time, and a small shot glass of your sanity.

Ladders’ Apply4Me takes that hassle out of your life. We ask you, once, for your resume and answers to the 17 most common job application questions. And then, whenever you hit the ‘Apply4Me’ green button, our team fills out the application form for you, and corrects the computer’s mistakes on reading your resume. We send you an email confirmation when your application is complete.

As a result, 94% of Ladders members said Apply4Me has made it easier to apply to jobs. (And we’re asking the other 6% what we can do better.) 

It is easier. For the typical user, applying to 10 jobs / week, Apply4Me saves 10 hours per month, 30-40 hours in a year. It’s a pretty awesome payback.

That’s why 89% of Ladders members in that same survey said they would recommend Apply4Me to a friend

We ask 1,000 members for their opinion each month, so 89% is a pretty high number. Our team is very encouraged to know you find the feature so useful. They are busy working on improvements that you’ll like even more.

Here is some of the written feedback we received:

“No other site does this!! Awesome!”

“It’s a great tool…. Does all the heavy lifting.”

“It’s actually pretty good, I didn’t expect it to be so user friendly, That’s why I haven’t really used it too much, but now that I realized it’s actually pretty user friendly I’ve been able to get a lot more done!”

“Took the hassle out of direct applications to employers.”

“I don’t have to do the tedious work of filling out multiple and very different job applications.”

“Great experience using Apply4Me, Ladders is a great website compared to other sites.”

“Got 2 interviews coming up through my applications using Apply4Me.”

“Novel approach to navigate around ATS.”

“It seems convenient, when you’re working from a phone or iPad it’s definitely a nice feature to have, cause it’s hard to input some of the information on some of those devices so it saves a lot of time because a lot of the stuff is just the same information repeated over and over again and some of the AI programs, I’ve noticed, don’t do a very good job of auto populating.”

“Simplifies so many processes when applying for a position.”

We’re thrilled you love Apply4Me, and we’re working hard on making it even better.

So start using Apply4Me today, and save yourself hours and hours of application time.