How to expense your Ladders subscription

With all the benefits Ladders delivers to your employer, it’s easy to expense your annual subscription:

  • Included $397 job posting. Each year of premium membership, you receive one promoted job posting, generating qualified applicants for your team.
  • Included Dashlane Premium password manager. A $60 value, you get one free year of Dashlane Premium with your Ladders annual subscription. Dashlane helps keep your business and personal passwords organized and safe.

We’ve made it easy for you to expense your Ladders’ subscription. Get your reimbursable invoice on your Subscriptions page by tapping “Download PDF invoice”. It’s that easy!

Helping your current employer is just another benefit you receive while keeping your finger on the pulse of the market at Ladders with your Professional Profile.

So go ahead. This summer, help your company get ahead and cover your annual Ladders’ cost at the same time.