How do I log into Apply4Me applications?

The runaway popularity of Apply4Me makes this new feature one of our most exciting offers ever. Using Apply4Me can save you dozens of hours in your job search.

In response to your questions about Apply4Me, I’m sharing this brief Q&A covering the most common questions we hear.

What happens after I click the Apply4Me button for a job?

A Ladders team member visits the company’s site, clicks ‘apply’ on your chosen job, fills out the entire application and applies to the job on your behalf. You’ll receive confirmation and all followup communications.

In the process, our team member cleans up any resume reading errors by the company’s application software, saving you hours on this mind-numbing task.

Where can I see all the jobs that I’ve applied to?

You can view all your applied jobs here: /applied

How do I update my Apply4Me answers?

You can update your answers here at any time: /apply-for-me

Why do you use a email address to apply to jobs?

To confirm registration on a new account at a corporate job site, we need to receive the confirmation email at an email address where we can click the link on your behalf.

We use a “pass-through” email address so that both you and we can see these important notifications.

If we used your current email address, we would need to pester you constantly regarding which confirmation emails you’ve clicked / haven’t clicked. Instead, we decided to use a pass-through email address that you control.

I’d like to review the application for a specific job, how do I do that?

Using your email address, fill the ‘forgot password’ or ‘change password’ request.

Your unique address can be found at: /apply-for-me.

Once you’ve changed the password, you can log in and proceed to see your application on the corporate jobs site.

After Ladders applies, how do I change the email address to something sensible, such as my actual email address?

After setting a new password (see above), you should also change the email address to your preferred email address.

Is Apply4Me automated? 

Apply4Me applications are completed by actual humans on Ladders’ Apply4Me team! Highly experienced in the job application process, they fill out job applications on your behalf, and correct any resume reading errors made by corporate jobs sites. They review each application to ensure all your information is accurate, then make the submission for you.

While we hope to automate more of the process, at the moment, humans do a much better job than computer systems.

How are resume reading / parsing errors handled?

When our team member uploads your resume, they correct any errors made by the company’s resume reading software.

What information is used in my Apply4Me applications?

Your resume, Apply4Me answers, and your account information.

Is Apply4Me available for all jobs?

Apply4Me can be used to apply to all jobs on Ladders, with a few exceptions — about a dozen companies out of the 40,000+ on Ladders have processes that we are unable to complete on your behalf, in which case we disable the Apply4Me green button.

Do I need to do anything after I click the Apply4Me button to complete my application?

No, there’s no additional step required on your part.  You can use the time you saved to apply to more jobs, network your way into the jobs you’ve already applied to, or prepare for your interviews!

What’s the difference between the 2 different post-application emails I receive? 

Ladders sends two emails. The first to confirm that we got your request, the second to confirm that our team has completed your application.

“We’re working on your application” = Ladders received your application request

“You’ve applied to…” = The company has received your application

That way, you’re always up-to-date on the status of your Apply4Me job application.