Good Monday morning!

Another great jobs report on Friday,  with the total number of working Americans rising to almost 158 million, a new record!

If you’re looking to change jobs this fall, you’re in luck. There is high demand from recruiters and hiring managers using Ladders, and we have over 200,000 jobs screened for you.

By taking the time to categorize, sort, and screen all of the jobs for our users, we make a better, easier, experience for you in tracking down the jobs you’re most interested in.

So you’ll see in job search today, we have 12,595 in Operations & General Management, 4,468 jobs in Legal & Accounting and 7,853 jobs in Aerospace & Defense.

5,783 jobs that pay more than $250K.

1,186 jobs in the C-Suite ( including 62 CEO and 112 CFO roles), 20,771 Manager jobs and 4,271 VP jobs.

676 Jobs in Chemical Engineering, 2,715 in Hardware Development, and 2,768 in Sales Engineering, and a host of other fields.

614 jobs with ‘Chief’ in the title, including Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Dosimetrist, and my favorite Chief of Athlete Services for the US Olympic Committee.

It’s a great fall to be looking for new opportunities. Good luck!

I’m rooting for you,

Marc Cenedella, Founder