Hired: 100 success stories from Ladders

Thousands of your fellow subscribers have found new jobs in March on Ladders!

They say “in like a lamb, out like a lion” about the month of March, Readers, and this March of 2015 has been a lion!

Once again, we’ve had more activity from employers and recruiters on Ladders this quarter than ever before.

Why? Because Ladders professionals are interested in a new job, and behave respectfully. While the typical job posting on LinkedIn or Monster gets hundreds (thousands!) of unqualified applications, the typical job at Ladders gets just 14 applicants that are targeted, relevant, and interesting to the HR person or recruiter.

So while we don’t have the space to share them all, here are a hundred of the top positions landed by your fellow subscribers through Ladders.com in the past months:

Title Salary Location
VP of Finance $160K San Francisco, CA
Senior Director of Operations $155K Michigan
Associate Director $140K New York
Talent Management Director $175K Berwyn, PA
Senior Director Talent Acquisition $160K Freemont, CA
Director of Finance $100K Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Infrastructure Manager $140K Austin, TX
HR Director $115K Syracuse, NY
Molecular Oncology Account Executive $85K Minnesota
Manager $155K San Francisco, CA
Sr. EHS Auditor $110K Deerfield, IL
Sales Manager $125K Chicago, IL
EHS Manager Americas $98K Hartland, WI
Sr. Contract Sales Rep $83K Charlotte, NC
Director Product Management $168K Shelton, CT
Regional HR Director $125K Illinois
Director, HR $125K Marietta, GA
Marketing Services Director $165K Chicago, IL
Process Engineer $80K Georgia
Account Executive $75K Burlington, MA
Head of Direct Acquisitions $135K Miami, FL
CFO $275K New York
Senior Benefits Attorney $110K Marietta, GA
Sr. Program Manager $137K Cleveland, OH
Facilities Director $90K Columbus, OH
Wealth Advisor $156K Indianapolis, IN
Director of Human Resources $110K St. Louis, MO
Director, Product Management $150K Boston, MA
General Manager $80K Omaha, NE
VP of Sales $125K Los Angeles, CA
VP of Technology $155K New York, NY
QHSE Manager $120K Houston, TX
Stimulation Consultant $117K Denver, CO
Risk Manager $70K Charlotte, NC
Market Manager $115K Wauwatosa, WI
VP Sales $77K Boston, MA
Software Quality $90K Englewood, CO
National Media Relations Director $160K Chapel Hill, NC
Director Sales Operations $180K Blue Bell, PA
IT Communication Leader $178K Chicago, IL
CFO $215K McKinney, TX
Director of Operations $110K Michigan
Sales Director $92K Albuquerque, NM
Director of Manufacturing $120K Wisconsin
Sr. Relationship Manager $115K Arlington, TX
Director of Business Development $120K Seattle, WA
Supply Chain Manager $114K Ayer, MA
Sr. Manager $145K Los Angeles, CA
Trader $135K Indianapolis, IN
IT Operations Manager $120K Brandon, FL
Director of Emergency Management $70K Houston, TX
Manager, Program Management $127K Kingsport, TN
Modeling and Simulation Engineer $105K Charlottesville, VA
Vice Pesident International Sales $130K California
Director, Medicaid Consultant $180K Atlanta, GA
Sr Director of Operations $120K Atlanta, GA
VP Human Resources $125K Plano, Texas
CHB manager $85K Laredo, TX
Sr Account Manager $150K Canada
Regional Sales Director $164K The Woodlands, TX
Business Development Manager $100K Phoenix, AZ
Consulting Partner $187K United States
Senior Software Engineer $115K Phoenix, AZ
Director $150K Florida
Sales Director $106K Philadelphia, PA
Director of Real Estate $140K Columbus, OH
Senior Consultant $130K Atlanta, GA
COO $200K St. Louis, MO
Senior Project Manager $125K Lakewood, CO
Vice President, HR Business Partner $150K Atlanta, GA
Engineering Manager $110K Torrance, CA
Director of Sales $140K Somerset, NJ
Vice President $150K Mooresville, NC
HR, Business Services $100K Kansas City, MO
Marketing Manager $100K Louisville, KY
Strategic Advisor $89K Chapel Hill, NC
Sr. Program Manager $140K Michigan
Plant Manager $130K Indiana
Senior Client Executive $130K Michigan
Experience Manager $83K New York, NY
Director $100K El Paso, TX
Sales Director $150K Denver, CO
VP Procurement $180K Jacksonville, FL
Director of Client Services $150K New York
HR Business Partner $75K Columbus, OH
Insurance Representative $80K Dartmouth, MA
Sales Consultant $180K Washington, D.C.
Field Service Manager $84K Dayton, Ohio
Director of Residential Development $185K New York
Director of Strategic Development $130K Houston, TX
Director of Case Management $89K New Mexico
Sr. Operation Manager $125K Waukesha, WI
SVP, Research & Analytics $185K San Francisco, CA
Senior Business Analyst $90K Brooklyn, NY
Director of Operations $170K Denver, CO
Sales Director $175K Atlanta, GA
Account Manager $75K Boston, MA
Sr. Director, Business Development $150K New York
Sales Manager $77K Boulder, CO
Senior Director $140K Washington, D.C.


Good luck in your search this week!