Get Sprung!

It’s the first day of Spring, Readers, so let’s celebrate that right away this morning!

Spring’s known as a time of renewal. Time to get the garage cleaned out. That tree in the backyard is going turn green any day now. And the bird feed is running up your Home Depot bill again.

So it’s a great time to think about new things, new horizons, and a new job, right?


Well, yeah, sure, but if you’re like me you’re sitting in an office this Monday morning, not out running with the birds and smelling new flowers in the garden. You’ve got the Q2 budget to review, those performance appraisals to fill out, and Davis in corporate finance giving you heck about the cover sheets on the TPS reports (again!)

That doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for ringing up your network to see who is hiring and what’s available out there.

That’s where your buddies at come in. You have an extraordinarily zealous staff of four dozen $100K+ job-loving souls here at, and we scour the internet and burn the phone lines every week to bring you back thousands of open, $100K+ jobs.

Sure you could do it yourself, if you had the time to review over 10,000 company career sites, the way we’ve done. Or if you had enough minutes left on your cellphone plan to speak with over 2,000 recruiters this year. Or you could hire your teenage son to do it all (stop laughing), but we think we can do it faster and more effectively than little Bruno – and with a lot less sulking to boot.

And so as you’re looking out your window this Monday a.m., while it’s maybe not time to get in touch with Mother Nature and the great outdoors, it is time to get your career plan touched up.

If you want to stick around, it always helps to have data on hand: who’s paying what to whom is a great way to argue, with facts, that you deserve that bump up.

And if it is time to fly, we’ve got the $100K+ goods for you. Jobs like Director of Training & Development at Wal-Mart to Quantitative Strategist (the paygrade is $1 mm+ / year) here in New York to VP, Marketing at to President of HBO International.

Those, and over 4,000 all-new jobs this week are available today, March 21st, on

Get sprung!


Folks, it’s useful to review once in a while, what your team at does and does not do with the information you provide us.

We work for you, the job-seeker. Our sole source of revenue is the subscription fees to our premium version. We don’t accept money from hiring firms or recruiters, and believe me, they try.

We also don’t have advertising on the site. We don’t want blinking lights and bouncing logos from other companies getting in the way of our most important job: helping you find your next role in life as quickly and as easily as possible.

We’ve been approached time and again to sell your info or your attention span to well-meaning advertisers.

But we’re not going to do it.

You, the boss, have hired us to do one job, and we’re just going to focus on doing that one job really well: finding you your next $100K+ role in life.

So surf easy, dear Readers: your info, your computer screen, and your trust, are safe with us.