Get paid for taking calls about a new job

It’s a hot employment market, and recruiters aren’t getting their calls and emails returned.  So we’ve created a way for you to get paid for taking 15-minute calls from recruiters, market researchers, and consulting opportunities.  It’s a good way to make a little extra money for your family in this extraordinarily strong economy.  It’s also easy to get started.

Your profile is your place to list the areas in which you’re an expert.  Whether that’s growing revenues, setting up digital operations, or building out a marketing plan, the “Ask me About” section gives your fellow Members an idea of your expertise and the types of conversations to which you’re open.

Then set “Call Me – $25” and “Email Me – $15” to the “on” position.  Premium members set their own rates. Thought we’ve limited it to $1,000,000 for 15 minutes, because, hey, even Warren Buffet doesn’t charge that much.

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The expectation we’ve set is for 15-minute calls and two paragraph email replies.  Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for a professional to communicate their well-thought-out request or conversation.  Sticking to the salient points will also help you to process the information and reach a decision about next steps.

When you receive a request for call or request for email, you can choose to accept or not.  Should you choose to accept, the expectations are to handle the interaction as you would any other professional engagement — professionally and respectfully.  But there is no commitment on your part to take the next step, to agree to meet with the recruiter, hiring manager, researcher, or marketer, or to take any additional step whatsoever outside of the communication itself.

We’ve limited this feature to Members and Recruiters, so only members of Ladders’ $100K+ Club can reach out to you.  

Scheduling four of these calls in an hour is an easy way to make an extra $100 (or, I guess, $3,999,997); it’s a good way to keep your interview practice up, and it’s a good way to turn this golden economy into gold in your pocket or purse.

So to make cash, stay in practice, stay in the game, and get the word out about you, let Ladders’ 10 million members know your expertise today.

I’m rooting for you!

Marc Cenedella, Founder