Get me the job faster, please!

We’ve improved our wildly popular Apply4Me feature by making it faster. Since we launched in August, Members have told us what they like about Apply4Me:

  • Apply4Me does the work for them
  • It removes the hassle & nuisance
  • It saves a ton of time
  • It makes applying a lot easier
  • It’s great to have help from a team

In fact, a majority of applications on Ladders are now through Apply4Me! Most users just find it easier.

So we’ve made the product even better for you by making it faster. We’ve added more humans to complete your applications. We’ve built new and better tools for efficiency. And we’ve reduced the time it takes to send you updates on status.

This means that, in most cases, you should get confirmation that we’ve completed your application the same day.

Ladders is here to save you time, money and aggravation in the job search process, and that’s why we’re happy to make your Apply4Me experience even faster. 

Good luck in the search this week!