Fuel your mind and career with lessons from these powerful people

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Sound advice can be learned from mentors like Andrew Yang, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Ferriss — but who can afford a one-on-one with some of the greatest minds of our time?

It’s a lot more likely thanks to the Big Think Edge eLearning Platform. With Big Think Edge, you can have full access to over 200 lectures and counting from experts like Sara Blakely, Sharon Salzberg, and more with an unparalleled library of video lessons created by educators.

When it comes to binge-watching, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen enough reality shows for one lifetime. Instead, invest your time in learning important skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication, creativity, leadership, more. All this, from the likes of Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Malcolm Gladwell, Bryan Cranston, and more of the biggest names in their fields. And if that wasn’t enough, this deal also gives you access to live-stream Q&As with many of these world-renowned experts.

Think about it, for about the same price as seeing your favorite sports team or band (which is off-limits for now anyway), you can learn from hundreds of stories of perseverance, tragedy, and success. It’s fuel for your personal and professional growth when you need it most.

Choose from a lifetime unlimited subscription for only $159.99 (originally $200), or try it out with yearly subscription options. The one-year pass is just $29.99 (originally $50), while the two-year pass comes out to $49.99 (originally $100). The best deal of all is a three-year subscription for $69.99 (originally $150) — that’s 53% off.

It’s your call, but no matter which you choose, you’ll get access to three new exclusive lessons each week — that’s 12 actionable life and career lessons every month, taught by Ivy-league professors, entrepreneurs, and Nobel Prize winners. When it comes to your career, Big Think Edge can only help.

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