Proud of this turkey?

Don’t just find a job for you – find a job that is best suited for today’s marketplace.

It’s not Thanksgiving, but this all-around car guy Bob Lutz talks straight about the turkey that was the  Pontiac Aztek :

“One guy I informally interviewed about how the Aztek happened was one of the top guys on the project. And this guy, he looks at me and he says, “I’m proud of it.

Proud of the Aztek?

“Yup. That was the best program we ever did at GM. We made all our internal goals, we made the timing, and I’m really proud of the part I played in it.”

He had tears in his eyes. It was almost tragic. Everybody wanted to will this thing to succeed, and it didn’t work.

All the emotional commitment and pride in the program was that it achieved all its internal objectives. And it was probably one of the great defeats in his life, or in his career.”

It can happen.

When we get too caught up in our own heads, instead of paying attention to what the market, or common sense, require, we find ourselves with a contraption as hideous as the Aztek lumbering around our driveway.

When process rides shotgun over outcomes, bad things happen.

The same thing can happen to you in your job search. If you find yourself saying things such as:

“I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes with no replies.”

“I’ve been doing lots of networking, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.”

“I’m not receiving any callbacks after my 1st phone interviews.”

You are focusing too much on the activity and the process, and not enough on the market and what your potential employers need. You could end up with something that is as much of a dud and in as little demand as the Aztek.

So this week, knock the stuffing out of your job search by taking a moment to review whether you’ve matched your actual career background, current skills and experience to what’s needed in the employment marketplace today.