Flip A Rock, Find A Job

I’m going to tell you something you already know..

The job hunt can be frustrating, challenging, and scary.

Let’s face it, it’s not something you ever really aspired to get good at, and frankly, maybe you feel like you’re not very good at it right now.

That’s OK, and it’s OK to be concerned with getting through this tough part of your life.

For the next few months and weeks, you’ll be looking for that great job (or, if you’ve already hopped on one of the more than 35,000 jobs we’ve published this year, perhaps you only have days left?)

And you’ll put in a ton of effort, go through high “highs” and, let me be honest with you, more than a couple low “lows”, as you wend your way through this hunt for your next place of employment.

That’s not an easy prospect to face. Wondering where you’ll hang your hat next. Worrying about the bills. Sitting across the dining room table from the love of your life and trying to hide the pain and humiliation you sometimes feel when those bad days come on in a bad way.

So I want you to know that I understand what you’re going through.

And I also want you to know.. I need you to know, really. one more thing:

You will make it through to the other side. You will meet with success. You will find your next great job.

The surprising thing, actually, is that it is out there right now. A hiring manager, a recruiter, a Board, has decided that they need someone. Someone just like you.

And your job, and, truth be told, my job, is to help you find that sucker as fast as we can – it’s what you’ve hired me to do. (Thanks, by the way!)

Unfortunately, even in these days of the internet, even in these days of the most fantastic information sorting and slicing and dicing machines ever invented in the history of this planet, it’s going to take some elbow grease and hard work.

From both of us.

I promise you that I, and your team of four dozen high-end job-scouring professionals here at Ladders.com, will do everything in our power to help you.

And you need to do yours.

That job that I mentioned up above? It’s out there. Right now. And in fact, there are probably a couple dozen “dream” jobs looking for you at the moment.

The problem is this: how are we going to find it? It might as well be under a rock someplace, ’cause it sure is hidden from our view. How in Hades are we going to find it?

There are some 20,000 headhunters out there, and perhaps another 100,000 recruiting specialists in HR departments across the US. How are we going to find which of those 120,000 folks needs you? How are we going to overturn the right rock?

Well, that’s where we at Ladders.com come in. We go out each week and collect as many rocks as we can for you. From headhunters, from corporate recruiters, from hiring managers themselves.

And we bring back all those great $100K-plus rocks, er.. jobs. (And, by the way, we throw out any that don’t pay more than $100,000 – you’re not interested in them and neither are we.)

You see, unlike job boards, unlike the local newspaper, unlike the headhunting firms – we won’t accept money from people looking to hire our great subscribers.

That’s because we work for you, the job-seeker. And our goal is to get all those fantastic $100K+ jobs into your hot little hands as quickly as possible. By not charging the employers, we get to see more $100K+ jobs than any other resource on the entire planet.

So our job is to go out and collect the rocks. (Almost 5,000 new ones this week alone!!)

Your job, dear Reader, is to look under them.

And I can’t tell you which rock your dream job is hiding under, so it is going to take that little bit of elbow grease on your part. You’ll probably need to look under 100 or more rocks (that’s 100 or more applications) to find it.

But the sooner, and more thoroughly, you get through this part, the faster you’ll get to the really good part – showing up at your first day in the new office at your great new job.

Your team here at Ladders has been in this business for the better part of a decade now, and we’ve seen it all. From our days at HotJobs.com (I was SVP, Finance & Operations) to today, we’ve seen thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people go through the job hunt successfully.

So, even on those days when you feel like you’ll never get another job, that you’re too inexperienced or too experienced, you’re too specialized or too much of a generalist, you’re too eager or you’re too laidback about getting your next job, I can tell one thing for certain –

You will land that next great job.

You will succeed.

And we’ll be there with you.

So get on it, folks.

Today. This morning. Right now.

It’s Monday, the last day of February in 2005, the last day for you to make a great impression on employers in this month of groundhogs and chocolates and Presidents. So let’s make it a great one.

Have you called that recruiter back? She might have your rock.

Have you emailed your old colleague from years back? He could be keeping your rock for you.

Have you followed up on those jobs you applied for at Ladders.com last week? Rock, rock, rock. Get looking there!

Today is the right time for you to be looking at these jobs folks. Premium people – there’s a reason we give you a 2-week headstart on the basic folks – the sooner you apply to these jobs and get networking your way in, the sooner you’re going to land one.

So let’s get on these today, let’s find that rock, let’s get you into that next great dream job!!

And lets get there… together!


We’ve been discovered by more and more recruiters here at Ladders.com:


I have just noticed something quite interesting. I am recruiting for a Business Development Director’s position in Manhattan. I am receiving resumes from several sources. I started refining the list this morning from about 30 to 6 potential candidates. All of the final 6 came through SalesLadder. It looks like you have put together a good service.
Doug Batchelor

Doug Batchelor
Owner & General Manager
Express Personnel Services”

By the way, folks, we don’t actually solicit this feedback from people, you all just seem to write in with such kind, kind things to say about us! (Actually, I think I’d be pretty depressed if my marketing team *were* writing these testimonials and the best they could come up with is “you have put together a good service” 😉

And you know what else is great? We really love it when a subscriber turns around and becomes a job poster:

“I thought MarketingLadder was really great. It put me in touch with more real opportunities than any other jobsite I looked at during my search. I liked it so much, that I am using it now to build the marketing team at my new company!”
Bob Egner
Washington Depot, CT”

Thanks for the rocks, Bob!

And yet another:

“Hi Marc:

I just wanted to say that salesladder.com is an outstanding service. I recently landed a great Job in the Boston area through SalesLadder. I have been at this job for exactly one month and it has been great, great people, great boss etc…
I am a Sales Manager with a regional company. This position has kept me closer to home (less travel) and I will make (at plan) well into six figures.
I will be honest and say that I didn’t think that internet job searches worked, but I’m glad that I stumbled (literally) onto your website. I only had the basic service (because like I said I didn’t believe in it) but it really worked.
So for anyone out there who is skeptical, it worked for me. Thanks!
Best regards,
Chris Howard, Nahant, MA”

Just imagine, folks, if Chris had been turning over ALL the rocks in SalesLadder, and two weeks earlier to boot – how much quicker would he have landed? Just think how much quicker *you* will get there!

Thanks again, Readers, and do feel free to hit “reply” and write on in!


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