Fishing in Stocked Ponds and Resume Writing From the Company Perspective…

Where would you rather fish, folks? In a big ocean with a flimsy rod and reel from a little rowboat, or in a small pond over-stocked with the best, tastiest fish on the planet using the most advanced fish finders from a comfortable boat (and, yes, let’s say the beer cooler is stocked, too).

Well, read on, and I’ll tell you how the answer to that question is also the answer to the fastest way to find your next job.

I’ve just returned from California, folks! I love driving through that great state, and the opportunity to spread message all the way across the airwaves made it a heck of lot of fun. We should have clips for you next week, but suffice it to say we had great conversations on air in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (and with papers such as The L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Wall Street Journal).

This is an important part of what we do, because we work for you, our Readers.

Our now 262,000 Readers represent the cream of the nation’s crop in sales, marketing, law, finance, technology, operations, HR, and every other discipline.

And our job here at, which we take very seriously, is help you find your next job as quickly, as painlessly, and at the highest compensation level, possible.

So getting the word out to more and more employers about is a great way for us to help get you there quicker. And even though we’re already the largest resource for $100K+ jobs on the planet, by far, we?re not going to rest on our heels while even one of our Readers is still looking.

So why does work?

Well, I was the SVP, Finance & Operations at, and led our sale to Yahoo! in 2002. I learned a lot at the #2 job board about how people really get jobs. I also learned a lot about how people don?t get jobs.

You see, the big job boards are great for middle-market jobs. These jobs are middling desirable and are filled by mid-level people. For the folks hiring and the folks being hired, at this level it works really, really well.

Where the big job boards fail is at the high-level jobs.

Because it’s free for applicants to apply, what do you think happens when you put a really great CMO job up there? Or a fantastic VP Sales, or CFO or Global Systems Manager job?

Well, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a firehose (or maybe dumptruck is the better analogy), you?d have a pretty good sense of what recruiters feel like when they’re brave, foolish, or na I’ve enough to post great jobs on those middle market boards. Wham! They get inundated!

Now, my direct phone number is still on our press releases (memo to self: change that). But the happy consequence of this is that I still get a lot of calls directly from subscribers and recruiters. And I love to ask recruiters what they think of the system.

To a person, they tell me is the greatest internet resource they’ve ever found. The candidates are targeted, the candidates are high-class, and the volume of applications is really reasonable (in fact, the typical job posting on only gets 15 applications versus hundreds on the big job boards).

And that’s why recruiters love us. We’re free, unlike the big job boards, and we’ve got the best candidates on the planet right here.

And that’s why recruiters come fishing at’s pond. It’s easy for them to land the big one. Just like you’d pay to fish in a stocked pond (or, I suppose, in this case, you’re paying to be the fish in the stocked pond!), recruiters post their jobs with because we’ve stacked the odds way in their favor.

So happy fishing, er, nibbling, Readers. We’ve got over 4,500 all-new jobs from companies all over this great land of ours. So let’s get at it!