F*ck Elon Musk

It’s got to be the dumbest tweet in the history of state government.

An Assemblywoman from California has cost her state thousands of jobs, billions in income, and a tarnished reputation for what used to be the Golden State.

Tweeting “F*ck Elon Musk” isn’t just crass and vulgar, it’s dumb economics. It pushes jobs away and into the waiting arms of states that market themselves as pro-business such as Texas and Florida.

You don’t have to be an Elon Musk fanboy (I’m not) to know that this type of trash-talking from politicians is bad for the country, bad for jobs, and bad for innovation in America.

I am unabashedly pro-jobs. I suppose that’s why I’ve written a career advice newsletter for 17 years! Great jobs give people a leg up in life, help them get ahead, provide for their families, develop their self-respect, and contribute meaningfully to the society.

The best welfare program, the best education program, the best healthcare program, is more and better jobs for more people.

So I don’t pick sides in stupid twitter fights, except to be on the “pro jobs” side of the argument. And that’s where you’ll find me, every time.

And so I suppose it was well deserved when the internet meme “How it started vs. How it’s going” caught up to this controversy this past week. Because how it’s going for California is poorly:

Billionaires have their problems.

With egos the size of small cars, a preference for yes men, and sometimes delusional fantasies of their own self-worth, we can’t have a society run at the whim of every Elon, Dick and Harry that wants to change the country’s interior decorating to their own liking.

But for a state legislator to single out someone who is doing their damnedest to create something new, valuable and vibrant, is dumb, petty, mean, and expensive.  Today, California is the poorer for it.

(“Message received”, by the way, has got to be one of the stone coldest dishes of revenge of all time.)

Not to worry, though. Other states will be trying to catch up to out-dumb our Left Coast friends.

In Ladders’ hometown of New York City, the perennially unpopular Bill DeBlasio is tweeting from his spokesman “kick rocks, billionaires”:

Again, truly stupid. Even more so for New York as our primary billionaire industry is finance, which is very, very, very mobile.  And the pandemic has been teaching billionaires and their staffs just how easy it is to work from a place that is not Manhattan.

I root for jobs and the people who hold them. And there are lots of sources for jobs such as Fortune 1000 companies, small and medium-sized businesses. So we’re not at the tender mercy of the planet’s plutocrats. 

But just because you’re not dependent on someone, doesn’t mean it makes sense to give them the finger.

These state and city governments that think they’re getting brownie points from voters with this smack are doing a disservice to their constituents, their communities, and their country.

Nasty comments don’t make people’s lives better. Demeaning tweets don’t build a better economy. Crude insults don’t make you look clever.

Just small, and, eventually, poor.

As we’re rebuilding from the pandemic, let’s hope that our leaders and politicians are blessed with better sense in the new year.  Let’s pray they seek to help create rather than pull down. And let’s demand that they stop with the childish tantrums that hurt our ability to do what America always does – get back to work.

But I won’t be holding my breath.