Cold Call Your Way Into The Executive Suite…

We’re up early with you this Monday morning after Thanksgiving. With the rest of the world still sleeping off the turkey and the tryptophan, isn’t it a great time for us to get a big jump start on the week?

Don’t wait for “everybody” to get back in this week to call them; don’t wait for your excuses to slow you down; don’t wait for inertia to overcome you like molasses.

Get started now, get it jumping today, let’s make Monday our big day back!


This Thanksgiving weekend might have found you in a spot other than the perfect place you want to be.

Perhaps you left your job voluntarily, perhaps you’ve decided that the boss is just too much to put up with for another year, or perhaps you got “the ax.”

All in all, I’m quite aware Readers, that the hard truth of the job hunt can put quite a damper on Turkey Day. It can be pretty tough to stop thinking about all that we don’t have in our professional lives and just enjoy the stuffing and pumpkin pie (my favorite).

But did you stop to think about all the good things you do have? Thanksgiving is about Giving Thanks, and I like to think of all the good and great advantages we have here in the U.S. of A.. (And, yes, my loyal Readers in Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world, our increasing global cornucopia is cause for global elation too).

Look, you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re fortunate enough to be in the top 15% of all earners in this country, the richest nation in the history of the earth. And you made it here through a combination of hard work, ambition, early success and determination.

So did you remember to give thanks this year for all the blessings you do have, even while you and I fervently hope for so much more for you in the weeks and months ahead?

Did you give thanks for your family? The people who are there to see you through?

Did you give thanks for your health? The average life expectancy in the US in the year 1900 was 42 years. Forty-two! We’ve been given almost a complete ‘nother lifetime by the miracles of science this past century.

And did you give thanks for your faith, and the strength and solace it brings to you? Not every body has that you know, and the spiritual connectedness that eases the hard times.

Did you give thanks for your teachers in life? Whether it was Harvard or Hard Knocks, the folks who took you aside, patiently explained to you how it works, and helped turn you into the sharp widget you are today deserve your ever-lasting thanks. While I’ve got both Harvard and Hard Knocks on my resume, the most important teacher in my life was “Harv” — Mr. Harvey, my high school math teacher — who taught me a lot of algebra, a great bit of trig, and a whole heck of a lot more about life. My Harv and your teachers didn’t have to do that, you know. And we owe them so much more than fond remembrance — we owe it to them to make the absolute best out of ourselves. They’re counting on it.

And did you give thanks for yourself? You might be pretty tough on you — I bet you’re the best on the planet at picking out all your own faults (pssst – this does not apply to you, George Steinbrenner!). But have you stopped to thank your lucky stars that you’re here, that your biggest challenge in life isn’t disease, or war, or starvation, but making sure that you find a relatively darn good job from among the 13,000 we publish each month here at

So give thanks for what’s obvious and give thanks for what’s not so obvious this year, folks.

You know, I hear it over and over and over again: “getting fired was the worst day of my life” you all write to me only to let me know in the next breath, errr, scribble, that “getting fired was also the best day of my life.” And you’ve got your freedom to choose right this time, so give thanks for that, too.

My old man used to talk about having a “fire in the belly.” And whatever it was that was making this last job not work for you — whether you’ve checked out, or already quit, or even been fired, give thanks for the opportunity to now find what *is* going to make you fulfilled, what *is* going to make you great once again, what *is* going to give you that fire in the belly.

Give thanks that on the other side of this journey together, you’re going to look into the mirror every morning and get a little shock of surprise. Surprise that you made it through. Surprise that it all worked out for the best. Surprise that you once again see that excitement, that fire, that passion that you know you long for, that you know you deserve.

Now, Readers, you know what to do and you have a head start on all the world this early Monday morning. We at worked through the weekend to make sure you did.

So do your biggest fans here at proud and get cracking!