When Bono, Warhol & famous people were rejected, too

The accumulation of rejection letters, voicemails, emails, and, yes, unfortunately, text messages, is a good sign for any job search.  You need to go through a lot of maybes and uh-unhs before you find the right YES!

So you can imagine that famous people who were once not famous got a lot of rejection letters on their way up.

Part of any search for a fit in your career involves the exploration of possibilities.  The more possibilities and the more opportunities you explore, the more rejections you’ll receive. But you’ll also get something very valuable with those turn-downs: a better sense of where your talents do belong.

You see, it takes some effort to find out what we’re not in order to find out what we are, and where we belong.

So while I know it’s foolish to ask you to enjoy those rejection texts, at the very least, perhaps you can understand the vital role they play in getting you to your destination.