Bad news, good news, which do you want first?

Good Monday Morning, Richard!

We saw the bad news on Friday. The unemployment rate is up to an unprecedented 14.7%.

At Ladders, we’ve seen a large pullback from companies hiring at the $100K+ level, but there are bright spots.

Compared to January, the number of companies hiring $100K+ professionals are down 33%, and total job openings at this level are down 40% across the US and Canada.

Most difficult for professionals is the unemployment rate for college graduates, which soared to 8.4%. That is much, much higher than typical. The previous worst was 5.0% in the Great Recession.

It’s a reminder that putting your best foot forward in order to stand apart from the crowd, whether it’s improving your resume with our free review tool, my bestselling book, or having your resume professionally written, is more important than ever.

But now the good news.

There are still thousands of companies hiring, even in this pandemic, with openings in sales, marketing, operations, finance, technology and every other role.

(Heck, we’re hiring here at Ladders, Inc. for Controller and Software Engineer III roles.)

And further good news, we’ve made finding those jobs easier for you, by showing job details right on the search results page. No need to click through to another page to read about the job.

We’ve also made it easier to filter by:

– Company
– Industry
– Position level
– Years of experience
– Remote work only
– Location

As always, we only show you jobs in your role, specialties, and plus or minus $50K from your desired compensation.

So while the backdrop may be dire, we’ll continue to do our best to help you, our almost 10 million members, stay ahead in the best of times, and the worst of times.

I’m rooting for you,

Marc Cenedella