Are you happy with this photo?

Good Monday morning,

How happy are you with the photo we’re using for your profile?

In honor of National Selfie Day last week, we put together some tips on a short video, “How to take your own headshot”, with our PR team.  The best thing about this advice is that you can put it to work, right now, and have a much better headshot in just five minutes this morning…

Here’s what you need.

Camera Phone: your iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10, or Google Pixel 3 are all 12 megapixel cameras.  That’s more than enough for a terrific, professional headshot.

Clean Background: find a blank wall near your office.  Good lighting is helpful, but not absolutely essential, as you can edit your selfie to make it brighter later.

Good Angle: an arm’s length hold at eye level or slightly above will give you your best shot.  You can experiment on a few shots with your rock star / glamorous side by looking slightly away from the camera.

Solid Colored Shirt: I have to admit, I sometimes mess this one up.  A plain, solid-colored shirt, is your best bet, and looks best on camera.

Some Editing: your camera has modern editing built-in, so no need for fancy apps.  After you’ve taken your picture, you can adjust lighting, focus, and warmth to give yourself the best look.

And what to avoid:

Background Distractions: double-check to make sure there are no poles, clocks, posters, or whiteboards jutting out of your head in your selfie.

Distracting Shirt: patterns, plaids, checks, or designs might look great in person, but immortalized in a headshot, they are huge distractions of the wrong kind.

Distracting Angle: leave the advanced cinematography to Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.  You should avoid overly close, too high, and too low angles.

You can watch the video here:


I hope you find this advice useful.  In 2019, a clean, professional, high-resolution headshot is a necessity for any professional looking to maximize their career.

With the power of smartphone cameras, you now have in your pocket or your purse, a camera that is more advanced than most expensive professional cameras in the world only a decade ago.  iPhone, Samsung, and Google all provide 12+ megapixels, which really are far more than enough for a great headshot.

That’s why we decided to use a large-format photo for your Ladders profile, by the way.  For too many years, internet sites have been using small, cramped, tiny, round photos for profiles.  We wanted to liberate your image, and take advantage of your camera’s power to make you look great.  Judging from the results… it’s working!

So I hope you’ll use the easy advice above, and about five minutes of your time, to give yourself a much better photo, that you’ll be proud of using, right now this morning.

And don’t forget to save it to your profile!

Have a great pre-Holiday week!

I’m rooting for you!