All careers are remote now

Yesterday you received a Ladders job match email with remote jobs (and if you didn’t, turn on your job match emails here).  For the duration of this crisis, we’ll be featuring remote jobs in a special, standalone job match email on Sundays.

In addition, on Ladders’ site, you can search for remote work by checking the “Show me remote work only” box, as seen below:

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The new reality of the coronavirus means that those looking, and those who will be forced to look, may need to change their preconceptions about how and what work will look like in the future.  And a new consideration of remote opportunities will undoubtedly be a part of many job searches in the months to come.

We’re in this crisis for the long haul, folks, and Ladders will be adjusting to the realities of the coronavirus world with you.

In the past month, we’ve experienced remarkable changes in our working lives.  High-end careers like yours have gone home and moved online. Zoom, Hangouts, and Facetime have already become the new normal.

In fact, for the first time this week, I found myself asking to do video calls instead of phone calls.  Maybe it’s the enforced isolation making me long for a friendly face to talk to.  But I also think the instantaneous global adoption of video conferencing has made remote-face-to-remote-face the new normal.  The future of The Jetsons has finally arrived.

In this new normal, you’ll be mastering new skills and tackling challenges you’ve never encountered before.  How do you handle performance reviews remotely? Interviews? Sales calls? Design reviews?

Through all of the changes, Ladders News will be there with you.  Our daily newsletter has reached its highest readership ever.  Whether it’s covering the facts and frightening realities of coronavirus, or sharing realistic exercise tips to get through the quarantine, Ladders News is addressing some of the most pressing questions we’re facing as high-end professionals.

Realizing that this downturn will have unexpected and potentially negative impacts on you and your family, we’ve beefed up our career resources.  We’ve expanded our resume writing partnerships, improved our resume reviewer tool, and will have more resume-relevant services coming soon

There are, undeniably, rocky days ahead.  In our New York office, we have friends and siblings, parents and partners, who have fallen ill as a result of the coronavirus.  As managers, as leaders, this crisis will be the biggest challenge professionals like you have faced since World War II.

This is not a “make-or-break” situation for your career, because you have no option to let it break you.  Your family, your team, your company, and you yourself are relying too much on you.  Failure is truly not an option (one epiphany of the crisis is how old-time clichés suddenly become true again and full of new meaning).

No, this won’t break you, but the coronavirus crisis will certainly make you into someone new.  Your career will be something new and different on the other side of this war.  You’ll be a different person, and it’ll be a different world. It will be important for you to determine who that person will be, and how you want to behave on the potentially long and troubled road there.

Unfortunately, the news is unlikely to get better in the next week, or the week after that.  The inconveniences, isolation, and anxiety that we all face are unlikely to go away for months.  Hopefully, it won’t be years.

But eventually, with time and science and progress, and our whole country standing together (but at least six feet apart), we’ll turn the corner.  And we’ll do our best, to the limits of our ability, to provide information, aid, and comfort all along the way.