A Favor to Ask

A small request to help make our jobs more meaningful, and to make us even more motivated.

Very sorry to bother you to request a favor, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending us a photo of yourself.

You see, we have a hundred very dedicated employees here at Ladders, Inc. who work tirelessly, around the clock, to make this system work and help you find your next great role in life more quickly. It’s people like those in the photo below.

And the thing about working at an internet company is, we don’t get to see our customers every day. And we’d like to! It means an awful lot to our people to see your faces and read your stories – it makes our job that much more meaningful and our sense of urgency, well… that much more urgent.

Dedicated to your success! So if you wouldn’t mind sending along a high-resolution photo, that would be great. Please send them to: photos@theladders.com.

We promise we’ll never use your photo in our marketing, or publicly in any way, but we’ll just share them with the people working here at Ladders.

And your photo can be anything: you and the kids (we love the photos with kids!), your most recent ski trip, you at your desk… really anything.

You can tell us the simple facts: name, hometown, job you’re looking for. Or you can share in more detail your job-hunting story and how we can help.

Either way, I would really appreciate the favor, and it means so much to our people here. You’d be a real hero.

So please send along your high-resolution photo to: photos@theladders.com and we’ll look forward to finally “seeing” you!

I’ll be rooting for you!