7 online courses that will help you improve your professional soft skills

Tom Werner

Struggling with office politics or time management? Looking for ways to turbocharge your career? If you want to excel in the workplace, there’s no better method than cultivating soft skills like leadership, adaptability, and creativity. Today’s workplace demands close collaboration and innovation, and being successful requires that you build the skills necessary to thrive in such environments.

One of the best ways to build your skillset is to take an online course. Online courses deliver the same instruction as most on-site courses, with the added bonus of being available on your timetable. With an online course, you can watch a lecture over a lunchtime salad at your desk or take a few minutes after the kids have gone to bed. But with the endless variety of courses that are available, some high-quality and some not, how will you know which to choose?

When it comes to career courses, one of the most informative and highly-regarded platforms is LinkedIn Learning. As the premier professional networking site on the Internet, LinkedIn has developed an airtight brand that has attracted many of the top minds on the market. For a set monthly fee, you can choose from a wide spectrum of career development courses on every topic under the sun.

Read on for a quick guide to seven promising courses on different aspects of soft skills development, from building a dream team of colleagues to learning the art of persuasive
coaching. With these aids, you’ll be better equipped to climb the corporate ladder – or just nestle into a more comfy spot on your rung.

1. Leading Without Formal Authority

Instructors: Elizabeth McLeod Lotardo and Lisa Earle McLeod

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and fast-track your career? This course teaches you how to develop the soft skills that will identify you as a leader among your peers and
supervisors. Learn how to contribute to team efforts, maximize your workplace contributions, handle high-stakes situations, and 10x your growth as a professional.

2. Shane Snow on Dream Teams

Instructor: Shane Snow, award-winning entrepreneur and journalist

Wondering how “dream teams” happen? For the inside scoop, check out this short online course that reveals the secrets of history’s greatest dream teams, from the Wright Brothers to the Wu-Tang Clan. Learn insider tips on building a team with multiple “superpowers,” creating a culture of inclusion and unity, staying productive and focused, and evolving together.

3. Finding Your Time Management Style

Instructor: Dave Crenshaw, author and leadership coach

Who knew that time management styles were personalized? In this course, learn all about your personal time management style, customizable by the nature of your job, the level of interaction you have with others, and your personal preferences. Take innovative assessments that will help you identify your style, learn more about how it operates, and find out how to work with differing styles.

4. Social Success At Work

Instructor: Todd Dewett, Ph.D.

Confused about how to navigate the politics of the workplace? In this short course, find out how to maximize your relationships on the job and develop a strong network of support that will help you further your career. Five short videos instruct you on understanding context, building relationships, networking, navigating office politics, and adopting a service mentality.

5. Persuasive Coaching

Instructor: Brian Ahearn, expert trainer

Curious about coaching as a management method? In this short, innovative course, learn how to use principles and methods of psychology to coax excellence from your employees. In six modules, you’ll explore relationship-building tips, learn to foster trust as part of the coaching relationship, and discover how to use feedback and accountability measures as tools to enhance behavioral transformations. As a bonus, learn from the case studies interspersed throughout the course  for real-life application.

6. Creative Exercises To Spark Original Thinking

Instructor: Amy Wynne, Clark University professor

In this short, unique course, taught by a painter and fine arts professor, you’ll explore 20 hands-on prompts that will help you establish artistic habits, channel inspiration, and move past creative blocks. Innovative mindfulness techniques and exercises that engage the senses will allow you to cultivate new creative approaches and perspectives. Designed for both artists and non-artists alike.

7. Banish Your Inner Critic To Unleash Creativity

Instructor: Denise Jacobs, CEO, The Creative Dose

Want to improve your connection to your creative gifts? This dynamic, inspiring course aims to teach you how to tap into your creative flow. If you’re struggling with self-sabotage, battling your inner critic, trapped in the cycle of comparing yourself to others, or hindered by creative blocks, this comprehensive course will give you the tools you need to break free.

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