5 reasons why now (yes, now) is the time for you to invest in stocks


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When you think about trading on the stock market, characters like those in The Wolf of Wall Street may come to mind. But you don’t have to be a larger-than-life trader to start building your portfolio. 

With the help of resources like The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle, you can go from novice to knowledgable and start earning money in the stock market. This eight-course bundle comes packed with lessons on how you can consistently earn profits while diversifying your portfolio. This bundle is now only $29.99 — so as your first investment, we’d say it’s fairly low risk. 

The courses aim to get you trading immediately as investing professional Travis Rose guides you through 13 hours of instruction. Only five years ago, Travis was in the same position as many of his students. Now he’s an expert in the industry and developed this bundle to teach you what he learned in a fraction of the time. 

Not yet convinced stocks are for you? Here are five reasons why you should start using your money wisely today: 

1. Invest in stocks because, historically, they go up.

It may seem like an odd moment to invest in stocks, but it’s important to look to history as a guide. The fact is that the market has gone up over the past 100 years. While there have been ups and downs, it’s a safe bet to invest when you’re looking at the long-term benefits. 

2. Invest in stocks because cash loses its value.

You can’t afford not to start trading. 

Did you know that the money sitting in your pocket is slowly losing its value? Due to inflation, the same $1 that used to get you a cup of coffee can’t even get you a shot of espresso.

The point is that as things get more expensive, your hard-earned money is constantly losing value over time. 

On the flip side, if you learn to invest in stocks then you can make your money work for you and earn as much as 7% – 10% returns a year on your investments. In this bundle, you’ll get a head start on other stock market newbies with The Complete Stock Market Investment Guide course which will teach you how to open your first account, develop your investment plan with winning stocks, and more. 

3. Invest in stocks because they’re easy to invest in.

What’s great about stocks is that they’re relatively easy to invest in. You sign up with an online trading broker such as Fidelity, Vanguard, E*TRADE, or Charles Schwab, and then you’re ready to trade.

Once you have that in place, you’re ready to take the next course in the bundle, Technical Analysis 101. This course is a step-by-step guide to mastering your technical analysis skills by learning the most common and powerful stock market chart patterns. You’ll also learn simple technical analysis to improve your trading or investing from this bundle. 

4. Invest in stocks for tax-free profits.

They say death and taxes are the two unavoidable things in life. However, if you’re not investing, then you’re missing out on a huge tax gift from the U.S. government. 

The U.S. government offers a few types of tax-free retirement accounts that allow you to legally avoid paying taxes on your investments. You’ll learn how to open an account so you can take advantage of these opportunities in The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle.

5. Invest in stocks for diversification.

We’ve mentioned many reasons to start trading such as overcoming inflation rates and avoiding taxes (legally). We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t also mention that investing also gives you the ability to diversify your streams of income. 

The included course, Consistently Profitable Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategies. is a great place to start diversifying. With this course, you’ll learn how to profit from Penny Stocks on a consistent basis with defined risk. 

Ready to start investing? Access all eight courses in the Wall Street Survival & Stick Trading Guide Bundle and start earning a second income. Try it today for only $29.99.