3 ways to save 10 hours of work per week

Do you know where your time goes in your business… or are you always scrambling to keep on top of things? Do you feel as though you have NO free time?

All of that can change when you make strategic shifts in your business!

One of the best ways to do this is to audit where your time goes every week. Another way to do it is to be more efficient with the work you do for your clients.

Check out these three ways to improve how you work with clients (so you can get more done in less time, conserve your energy, and reduce the overwhelm while you’re at it)…

Each strategy can easily save you three-plus hours every week as a freelancer:

1. Turn one-time clients into retainers or repeat work.

A fantastic way for how to be more productive with your time is by turning one-time client projects into longer-term retainers or repeat clients. Based on the initial project they hire you for, what are some creative ways that you can build on it?

For example, if they hired you to write 10 blog posts for their site, you could suggest repurposing those blog posts into a white paper or an e-book that you would put together on their behalf. Or you could suggest continuing to write blog posts for them
on an ongoing monthly basis. Or you could suggest adding an extra service of yours, such as creating newsletter content each month, based on the initial blog post project. The sky’s the limit!

Keeping your clients for the long haul will reduce the time you spend marketing your services… plus, the more you work with the same clients, the more efficient you’ll be at their projects because you’ll have such an intimate understanding of their brand.

2. Streamline your communication methods.

Do an assessment of how you currently spend time communicating back and forth with clients. If you currently have in-person meetings with clients on a weekly basis, is it really necessary? Or could you improve your meetings and turn some of those
in-person meetings into phone meetings (or cut them altogether), thus reducing your commute time?

Likewise, the more that you prepare in advance and get clarity on your agreement with a client, the less back-and-forth communication you’ll both have to do. This can save you headaches and hours of time with things like answering the phone, getting interrupted in your daily workload, and trying to craft the perfect email. When it’s all taken care of upfront, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

Which brings us to the third strategy…

3. Set expectations upfront.

When are you available to respond to client questions? What is your policy for rush jobs, and how short of notice are you willing to make changes to a project? What communication methods should (and shouldn’t) a client use to get a hold of you?

Planning in advance and being clear with your clients about these types of issues can mitigate problems down the line, and, once again, save you—and your clients—from wasting many hours.

Even better? By doing this, you’ll set boundaries and establish a healthy relationship with your client. And the more you do that, the more eager they will be to hire you for retainer projects and/or repeat work… which brings us full circle to strategy #1!

Get more tips for saving 45+ hours each and every month in your business. Your business doesn’t have to be as difficult, overwhelming, or time-consuming as you think! Sometimes it just takes a few straightforward changes to make all the difference…

So what will you do with your newfound extra time?

Sagan Morrow is a productivity strategist for multi-passionate creatives at SaganMorrow.com.