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200,000 People Who Would Like to Hire You

Last month, we announced that we’d crossed 200,000 recruiters and HR professionals using Ladders for their high-end professional hiring.

We’ve got companies of all types recruiting on Ladders today: large, small, innovative, stable, fast-growing, local and global.

We pulled fifty logos to show you a mix of those companies and their jobs… now that you’re back from Thanksgiving, go ahead and click on any of the logos below to find your next great role in life:

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Marc Cenedella

Marc Cenedella is the Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ladders, Inc., the comprehensive career resource dedicated to helping professionals ‘Manage, Market and Move-up’ in their careers. Over the last decade, Ladders has transformed the way job candidates and recruiters connect online. Follow Marc on Twitter at @Cenedella.