Articles by Zat Rana

The Whole Human

The identity trap: Being less wrong

What we call an identity is mostly a product of memory, and memory — as both science and history have shown — is incredibly hazy and questionable.


The rules of effectiveness

In reality, it takes more than just reading and knowing to become effective. Effectiveness is about control over your time and your impact.

The Whole Human

Forget happiness, focus on unhappiness

Though a concrete strategy for happiness is almost impossible to identify, If we can target unhappiness, we can better guide ourselves to be happier.

How To

More than words: The art of successful communication

Communication influences everything from the quality of your relationships to your ability to convince other people to align their actions with your goals.

The Whole Human

A guide for thriving in a fast world: 3 things worth remembering

Anything that disrupts routines in this fast world gets labeled as bad. Yet, more often than not, change is only as good or bad as the response to it.

Personal Branding

Bob Dylan: When and why you should reinvent yourself

Time changes our circumstances. How well we accommodate this, then, depends on how well we are able to reinvent ourselves.


Steal ideas from other people

The inventions and discoveries we consider original aren’t entirely so. They’re a product of a combination of existing elements and ideas.


The art of goal achievement

What leads to goal achievement is a path, process, or a system. And for most of us, this part of the machine is the most difficult to maintain. It’s the one that takes the most time and effort.

The Whole Human

How to design a lucky life for yourself

None of this is foolproof, and there’s no real way to completely eliminate the role of chance in our lives. The best we can do is take bits and pieces of tried and tested ideas to better make sense of things and to better influence the end outcome.

Work-Life Balance

3 career habits that helped Walt Disney launch the company that is now worth $156 billion

Walt Disney approached his job with craftsmanship — and there are a few lessons that everyone can learn from. While creating boundaries between your work life and home life is important, you should approach work as if it's part of your life and not something separate. Find something you want to incorporate into your identity.