William Arruda

William Arruda

William Arruda

William Arruda Credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry, William Arruda is the founder of Reach Personal Branding and author of "Career Distinction" and the upcoming book, "Ditch. Dare. Do!"

Articles by William Arruda

4 Factors to Measure Your Online Reputation

Recruiters and hiring managers use four dimensions to evaluate the people they Google.

5 Personal Branding Trends of 2011

2011 brings new tools and Web sites to end your personal brand schizophrenia and take more control of the message you’re sending.


Use color to get your next job — but not in your resume

Using color, though not on your resume, to stand out in your next job search will catch a hiring manager’s eye and separate you from the other candidates. Make your resume into your personal brand.

Color Me Hired

Use a signature color to build your personal brand.

Do You Need Your Own Video Infomercial?

Put your personal brand in motion with a video biography that lets your personality shine through.

5 Tools that Measure Your Online Brand

Do you know if all the effort you put into your Web presence is paying off?

10 Ways to Wreck Your Personal Brand

The Web makes it easy to spread your message.

What Job Seekers Need to Know About Google

Can executive recruiters find you on the Web?

Be Real Before Being Virtual

Before you promote your personal brand on the Web, do some strategizing about what you want that brand to represent.

Top 10 Places to Include Your Headshot

Don’t put your photo on your resume, but do put your headshot on your online profiles.

Five Steps to a Squeaky-Clean Online Identity

Five steps to managing your online identity and ensuring that when someone Googles you, they see the personal brand you build.

Top 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Give Back to Your Network

Social networking is not just an opportunity to take – it’s a powerful chance to make yourself useful to others who can help you down the road.

Stay Positive During Your Job Search, Part 2

Ways to stay energized and keep your mind focused on the silver lining throughout your job search.

Ways to Stay Positive : Part 3

The job search doesn’t have to be such a trying experience.

Stay Positive During Your Job Search, Part 1

Stay Positive During Your Job Search, Part 1 Deep Recession.

Atypical, Career-Enhancing Do’s in a Down Economy

Atypical, Career-Enhancing Do’s in a Down Economy As the economy takes a nose-dive, we’re seeing a flood of career advice on how to rework your resume, connect with executive recruiters and perform best during a job interview.

Intersection of the “Ilities”

These traits will ensure that you get noticed by hiring managers and executive recruiters.

Building Your Personal Communications Plan, Part 2

Start spreading your personal brand message through these three communications tools.

Building Your Personal Communications Plan, Part 1

A step-by-step guide to creating your unique value and expressing it consistently.

Climb the Ramp to Career Success

Don't wait for your career to advance for you — take control of your career management.


Put Passion in Your Career

When you tie together what you do with what you're passionate about, there's no limit to where you can take your career.