Sharon L. Florentine

Sharon L. Florentine

Sharon L. Florentine

Sharon L. Florentine Sharon L. Florentine covers executive recruiters for Ladders.

Articles by Sharon L. Florentine

Enlisting Recruiters to Support Your Candidacy

Employers may be their clients, but recruiters may push back on behalf of the right job seeker.

Manufacturers Fired Too Many

Manufacturers fired more than necessary.

The Candidate’s Worst Enemy

What happens when you open your mouth to say the wrong thing at the right time?

Working the Phones

While much of the job search moves online, some recruiters find nothing replaces the reliable telephone.

Computer-Assisted Interviewing

Those interview questions you answer may have been designed by a computer.

Throw Out the Job Description

The job description was lost in translation, and you may be interviewing for the wrong position.

The Recruits of the ‘Big Green Book’

Thomas Publishing, best known for its "Big Green Books," no longer prints a book.

Recruiting the Recruiter

Companies want HR pros who know HR, but can you break the code of the employer's business, culture and mission.

Using Diversity to Your Advantage

The law may not require it, but hiring companies demand a diverse pool of employees and candidates.

Using the Banking Backlash to Your Advantage

Finance firms will care as much about your character as the skills and performance on your resume.

Recruiters Aren’t a Finishing School

Recruiters don't work for you and they don't have to help you, but they can be a valuable resource to help you be the right candidate for the job.

Job Seekers Get More Leverage

It’s still a buyers’ market, but job seekers (the sellers) should be prepared to exercise more leverage in the hiring process.

Can Credit Score Affect Employment?

Will Bad Credit Hurt Your Job Chances?

IT Director’s Network Surfaces Hidden Job

Joe Peffer was discouraged when the job he applied to suddenly disappeared from the job boards, but his network came to life and resurrected his application.