Articles by Selena Rezvani


5 negotiation skills to help flip ‘no’ to ‘yes’

The good news is that you don’t have to be experienced at negotiation to start challenging a “no” and flip it to a "yes."

Office Life

5 questions to help you define your leadership brand

Consider these five questions as you proactively shape your work leadership brand for now — and your legacy for the future.

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How to make your mark when you enter a team

When you’re the new person on a team, it pays to have a strategy for how you’ll both assimilate and add value. Consider these strategies.


3 tricks to step up your self-promotion skills

Whether you’ve landed a new client, settled a case, launched a product or won an award, consider some of the approaches below as you fine-tune your own voice for talking about accomplishments.


How to assert yourself when you’re dismissed

Have you ever sat in a meeting and felt ignored or utterly unimportant?  Perhaps you offered up an idea that someone else seized upon. Maybe you inserted yourself into the conversation but no one gave you their eye contact or their attention.

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How to take control of your reputation at work

To take control of your own professional reputation, you need more than just good everyday performance. Consider the following simple but effective reputation-builders to improve your credibility at work.