Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan Rob Sullivan is an author, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker and professional development coach whose passion is helping people recognize, leverage, and communicate the gold in their backgrounds. Rob has been a repeat guest on television and radio stations across the country including NBC, ABC and WGN. He was also featured in the Wall Street Journal and as a guest expert on "Starting Over,” an Emmy-winning reality show that airs nationally on NBC.

Articles by Rob Sullivan

Think You Can’t Get a Job? Think Again.

The only thing standing between you and your next job could be your negative thoughts.

Answering the ‘So What?’ Interview Question

Tips on how to serve up your accomplishments with context in order to ace the senior-level interview.

Stop Taking Yourself For Granted

Executive job seekers may not be giving themselves enough credit by expecting too much.

Handling the Weakness Question

Workshop participants and coaching clients often ask how to handle the question, "What are your weaknesses?

Grade Your Job Search: 10 Step Quiz

Take an honest look at your job search.

Job-Search Strategy 101: It’s Not a Numbers Game

The old "might-as-well-apply-because-you-never-know” approach doesn’t work.

360-Degree Performance Reviews: Do It Yourself

Don’t wait for corporate to make you do it.

The Challenges of Right-Brained Job Seekers

Being creative is a huge asset in a job search – but being unable to ask for help can weaken it.

The Challenges of Left-Brained Job Seekers

The job search is tough for everyone, but left-brained candidates have a big mountain to climb.

Is Your Life Story Boring?

Your story needs to be sticky.

Keep Your Job

There are risks to checking out of your job prematurely.

E-mail Etiquette

Face time still counts.

Visibility through Philanthropy

Expand your network by raising your visibility within a charity When clients tell me they need to do a better job of networking, there are two things I want to know: How they define networking What’s stopping them As it happens, how they define networking is often what’s stopping them.

Procrastination: Tips to Avoid Its Subtle Sabotage

Tips to avoid procrastination and its effects on your job search.