Patty Orsini

Patty Orsini

Patty Orsini

Patty Orsini Patty Orsini is a general assignment reporter for Ladders.

Articles by Patty Orsini

How to Ensure Your References Are Gender-Neutral

Studies indicate the language often used to describe female professionals weakens their appeal to hiring managers.

How to Spot a Job Scam

Not every job scam is an outright con, many are just promises the employer can’t keep.

If the Job Fits

Assessing the cultural fit of a company extends far beyond age or interests, and it can make all the difference between success and failure on the job.

Bringing Networking into Focus

Once he had clear goals, SalesLadder member Chris T.

No Time to Waste on the Job Search

Linda West, a marketing manager at a New York financial firm, had no time to waste on her job search.

Facing 50 questions for every job interview

Michigan job seeker Connie Corwin grew tired of being stumped on interviews, so she made her own prep list of questions and answers for every eventuality.

7 Steps to Consider Before You Start Consulting

Consulting work can be a lifeline when you're unemployed; it can also derail your job search and extend your unemployment.

Job Search Takes to the Court

Transportation executive Ron Huebner didn’t expect a tennis game to score him a new job.

When a Layoff Recharges a Network

Jane Helfen had been at Agilent 26 years when she found herself on the hunt.

My Cover Letter Was Out of Shape

A Denver job seeker hits the gym to get in shape for a job search, then tones up his resume and cover letter.

Salesman Uses Excel to Get a Job Hundreds Wanted

Bryan Stinson used Excel spreadsheets to organize his professional network and had about 100 people helping him look for a job.

Multiple Layoffs Raise Sales Pro’s Game

Five layoffs in 15 years taught this SalesLadder member to ride the employment rollercoaster without losing his cool.

Investing in a Career Upgrade

Kitty Koenig put $100 into a ticket to a charity event and devoted time to a volunteer opportunity that followed.

Merchandising Manager Moves His Grocery Skills Online

After years running merchandising and display at a brick-and-mortar chain, OpsLadder member Jason Kunick found fresh opportunity on the Internet.

Passive Job Seeker Becomes Active Applicant

Jason Rhodes began looking at job postings to explore his options, but when the right job found him, it didn’t take long to get a new job.

Sales Manager’s Military Background Helps Secures New Job

Colorado salesman Jonathan Stanley leveraged his military experience to land a sales position in a new industry.

Job Seeker Extends Networking Reach to Australia

Paul Witschey was ready for a change of scenery and fresh career challenges.

Self-Employed to Employee: Making the Switch

Be ready to explain your motives and your unique value to a boss.

7 Job-Search Steps for Entrepreneurs

Beat the special challenges of looking for a full-time job.

Marketing Consultant Back in Someone Else’s Boat

Freelance marketing consultant Scot French enjoyed being his own boss, but wanted to work for a large organization again.

The Business Owner’s Resume Riddle

Do you call yourself the CEO?

Married to Your Professional Network

Craig Bodkin, an IT director in Wisconsin, built a professional network the hard way before he realized he was already married to the best contact he needed.

Five Ways to Dodge and Deflect Job interview and Application Questions about Your Age

How to answer age-related questions on a job application or in a job interview.

Dodging the Job Interview Question of Age Again and Again

Brian Haley keeps trying to dodge irrelevant questions about his age as HR managers invent new ways to ask.

‘How Old Are You?’: Readers Tell Job Interview Tales

Readers ask, experts answer age-based interview questions Editors' Note: A story that ran in Ladders' Sept.