Matthew Rothenberg

Matthew Rothenberg

Matthew Rothenberg

Matthew Rothenberg Matthew Rothenberg is the Editorial Director of Ladders.

Articles by Matthew Rothenberg

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In a new book, Adam Bryant talks to more than 70 CEOs about what they want from new hires.

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Elaine Jefferson, a midcareer technologist from N.

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Not all tax deductions are created equal.

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Prove your worth in the C-seat by mastering leadership and eliciting excellence from others.

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Robot Wars! Beating Resume Software


Gender Studies

Thoughts and notes from Ladders’ editor-in-chief on why the glass ceiling is still firmly in place.

Let’s Get Small

Thoughts and notes from the editor-in-chief on how high-profile executives can land reduced-scope jobs as they scale back their emphasis on a 9 to 5.

Editor’s Note: ‘Pickle Suit’ to Executive Suite

Thoughts and notes on making the transition from military life to civilian work Don’t underestimate the power of military experience for executive roles.

Step-by-Step: Your Role — And the Recruiter’s

A step-by-step guide to how recruiters and job seekers partner together.

Job Search Anxiety: Warning Signs

Warning signs that a job loss is taking a toll on your emotional wellbeing.