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An illustrative guide to common words people tend to misuse

We've all been there. There are just certain words that sound so much alike even though they have completely different meanings. And sometimes, when we are required to spell them, it is a STRUGGLE.

Parents at Work

Millennials’ parents just won’t stop getting involved in their kids’ jobs

When Millennials' parents aren't busy evicting their 30-year-old sons from their houses, it seems they're busy pestering their kids' bosses.

Age Discrimination

Lawsuit: Facebook being used to discriminate against older workers

A proposed class action lawsuit aimed at companies allegedly using Facebook for age discrimination has been expanded to identify additional companies, according to a report from Bloomberg.


Study: Sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your life

Good news if you were able to slip in some extra Zs this Memorial Day Weekend: A new, 13-year study of sleep habits finds that sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your life.


REPORTS: Millennials put off kids due to money — but pamper pets lavishly

Babies are out; pets are in. New reports show that while student loan debt is forcing Millennials to push back the decision to have children, they spend more and more on pets every year.

Food at Work

Poll: ‘Vegan’ is the least-appealing food word in existence

According to a new poll, there's one word you might want to avoid when setting the office lunch menu or socializing the plate of meat/dairy/everything-free cookies you just brought in: "vegan."

Commencement Addresses

Rex Tillerson: ‘Integrity is the most valuable asset you have’

"Maintain and protect who you are, and remember that being a person with integrity is the most valuable asset you have," Rex Tillerson said in his speech to Virginia Military Institute graduates.


New Boston Dynamics video shows robot running outside autonomously, jumping over obstacles

A recent survey of American parents found that roughly three-quarters were concerned that robots might take their kids' jobs. Well, parents of new grads: Be more worried. This robot can run and jump on its own. Terrifying.


Google won’t confirm if AI assistant will identify itself up front as a robot

This ethical tension could be partly resolved if its AI assistant was required to announce that a computer is on the phone calls, but Google has been vague and will not confirm if Duplex will be made to self-disclose.


Study: Men’s lifetime income slipping

A new National Bureau of Economic Research working paper finds that men's incomes are falling, while women's incomes are rising.

The Future of Work

Ladders 101: The most influential people in the world of work, management, and career

This list of 101 people represents those to whom we look for inspiration. We hope their accomplishments, and their advice, lift you a little too.