Kevin Fogarty

Kevin Fogarty

Kevin Fogarty

Kevin Fogarty Kevin Fogarty is a writer, editor, and columnist with 20+ years' experience covering the technology, science and healthcare stories that make a difference with traditional fact-checking, source-vetting, dig-for-the-real-story journalism adapted to new formats, platforms audiences and news cycles.

Articles by Kevin Fogarty

Your Job Application’s Journey

Knowing what recruiters and hiring managers do with your resume at every step of the application will let you set expectations about if and when you will receive a response.

How to Turn a Job Offer Into Raise

Nothing improves your bargaining position more than a better salary offer from a competitor, but the offer can win you a raise or blow up in your hand.

The Anatomy of a Background Check

Private investigators and former government agents share trade secrets about how they conduct employment background checks for hiring companies.

Tips for Industry Switchers

Committed to a change?

Is a Good Job Title Worth Giving Up Some Salary?

Title inflation and varying job descriptions may devalue that Top Dog title.

The One Skill You Need to Reach the C-Suite

There are only a limited number of corner offices; how can you demonstrate you’re the person to occupy one?

The Fine Line Between Job Hunting and Networking

Where do you draw the line between networking to share best practices and fishing for a better offer from a competitor?

7 Steps to Leverage a Counteroffer for a Larger Salary

Put yourself in the best position to leverage a counteroffer and win a salary negotiation — or retreat with dignity.

Finding a Job in a New City

If you can manage the logistics, searching nationally can land you in a better spot than you thought possible.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Do You Have to Reveal Your Income?

Discussing your salary history can be the most uncomfortable moment in a negotiation.

Why Men Have Stronger Professional Networks Than Women

Research indicates that the glass ceiling is firm.

What If Companies Treated Job Applicants Like Customers?

Customer-management software has the potential to change the way companies treat job candidates, keeping them informed and engaged at each step in the process.

Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube: Which Tools to Use

Two job seekers tell all.

Can You Facebook Your Way to a New Job?

Done right, online networking will support your offline network, not replace it In the old days, "networking” meant hours calling every contact in your Rolodex; paging through the directories of every professional organization you could join; going to breakfast seminars, lunch-time speaking events, happy hours and board meetings to press the flesh – anything to make real-time, one-on-one contact with someone who might know someone who might be hiring.

Interview and Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Follow these tips from lawyers to convince a hiring manager to offer you the job (and the salary) you want.

What If It’s Not Your Dream Job?

In this economy, it can be hard to resist any job offer.

Apply-Interview-Negotiate. Repeat.

Finding a new job is rarely a straight path.

When a Background Check Makes for Tough Interview Questions

Everyone faces curveballs in interviews.

4 Ways to Show You Meet the Job Requirements

Improve the chances of getting the job by showcasing the right credentials on your resume and during the interview.

How to Pass Employer Screening Requirements

In a buyer’s market, the right certifications and credentials can make the difference between an offer and a rejection.

Quantify, Justify Your ROI

Selling yourself means demonstrating your value.

Green-Collar Jobs: Myth or Reality?

"Green-collar" jobs are mostly springing up at companies that sell sustainability; the rest of the business world isn't rushing to hire a new crop of green execs.

Green-Collar Jobs Glossary and Guide

It's easy enough to say you want to work for an environmentally sensitive company or take advantage of the growing "green economy," but both are hard to find, even advocates admit.

Resume Guide for an Operations Manager

To sell yourself in ops, your resume can’t just say what you did; it needs to say how you did it.

Operations Jobs Pick Up Steam

Operations take a big hit in recessions; but those skilled in teaching other operations managers how to work more efficiently will find big opportunities.