Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard is a freelance writer specializing in career advice. Her work has been published by numerous outlets, including Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, TIME, Inc., Mashable, and more. When she manages to venture out from behind her computer screen, you can find her hiking, baking, pretending she’s a runner, and attempting to figure out how she can put her rescued terrier mutt in a BabyBjorn.

Articles by Kat Boogaard


How to transition back into the workforce after caring for a sick relative

Facing a job search is always stressful, but even more so when you've had a gap in your employment because of caring for someone who is sick. Here are 5 pieces of advice for how best to get back in the game and back on the job.


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The 10 best products for new working parents

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What do reality TV contestants do about their jobs while they’re chasing fame?

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5 easy ways to exercise during the workday (and improve your life)

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