Karl Rozemeyer

Karl Rozemeyer

Karl Rozemeyer

Karl Rozemeyer Karl Rozemeyer is a general assignment reporter for Ladders.

Articles by Karl Rozemeyer


To research his new movie, "The Company Men," Director John Wells visited outplacement centers and interviewed hundreds of job seekers.

Job Interview Body Language Speaks Volumes

Broadway actor John Treacy Egan and acting coach Jodie Bentley share body-language tricks to use (and some to avoid) during a job interview.

Video Resumes in the Job-Search Toolbox

Here’s how one company takes a multimedia approach to personal branding.

How to Handle a Phone Interview

How to interview in different situations ranging from web videoconferences to lunch with an acquaintance and even the dreaded phone interview.

How to Prepare for a Video-Conference Interview

Advice on everything from lighting to time of day for job seekers setting up an interview via Webcam.

How to Interview at a Job Fair

Job fairs are only advantageous if you have a game plan.

The Best Advice for Committee Interviews

Everything from where to sit to who to look at during a panel interview.

Best Practices for the Happy Hour Interview

What to wear, what to drink and when to call it a night.

Lunch Interview Tips

How to choose the restaurant, and order a plate without getting flustered.

What to Remember When a Friend is the Interviewer

Should you be chummy when interviewing with someone you’ve mingled with before – or should you be strictly business?

How to Beat Interview Fear

Don't let fear, nerves and stage fright keep you from the job interview you want.

Regional Sales Manager Finds Higher Pay in Medical Sales

In a shrinking economy, sales manager, Michael Meyer, led a bold job search for an employer that could offer higher pay in the medical field "Some days, in sales you can feel like you are on top of the world.

Switching Industries: Exec Tells All

Kevin left a top consumer products company and moved halfway across the U.

Hired! Creative Possibilities in Software Sales

One director of business development lands a new job at an enterprise software company in Philadelphia.

New father leverages Japanese fluency to land Indiana auto job

One man’s story of how he landed an automotive job in Indiana by touting his specialized skills.

Hired! How Software Consultant Found Full-time Work

Bill Thomson spent years as a software marketing consultant, but the recession sent him looking for a full-time job.

When a Layoff Leads to a Better Life

Multiple layoffs lead to better jobs and more income for one national sales manager.

Procurement Opportunities in a Down Market

The job search for one director of IT procurement leads to a new job in law as the director of global procurement.

Hired! Changing Lanes from the Auto Industry

Changing lanes for auto manufacturing manager "I am watching the fourth day of the Third Cricket Test of Australia against South Africa," said Sheri Olinyk on the night of Jan.

Hired! New Opportunities in Charitable Corner of Finance

Hedge fund manager finds new opportunity in microfinance Bear Stearns first groaned under the weight of bad investments in June 2007 -- the first signs the investment bank would ultimately collapse.

Hired! An Open-Minded Job Search Delivers

Considering the impossible job and the unlikely career move pays off.

Hired! Size Matters for Medical Marketing Manager

No industry is recession-proof, but a bigger company might be a better option.

Hired! Finding a Home in the Mortgage Field

Landing a dream job with a growing company Rob Onofrietti never gave up on the mortgage industry.

Hired! When Lightning Strikes Twice

For Linda Schroeder, a job in IT attracted her from the get-go.

Hired! For a Career Boost, Follow the Trends

Anyone considering the nursing field must investigate and fully understand each sector in the profession to be successful.