Articles by John P. Weiss


This is what inventors can teach us about success

Unfortunately, the path to positive change is not always obvious. Whether you’re trying to build a successful business or reach a breakthrough in your creative work, the route to success can be elusive.

Levelling Up

The essential quality you need to reach a new elevation

The quality that will move us closer to our goals and dreams is all about self-restraint, not sweating the small stuff or giving in to petty grievances.

Mental Health

How I found peacefulness

Each of us has to find our own way to peacefulness. Our own salvation and methods to process it all and stay healthy. My family played a crucial role.

How To

This is what you need on your success journey

How do we create a clear path to success? How do we realize the ideal we’re dreaming of? How do we reach new creative or professional heights?


This is how to achieve more: A simple strategy

So many of us want to accomplish more in our lives, but before we can start to achieve more, we need to set aside the “It’s not fair” mantra.

The Whole Human

How to become the best version of yourself

I've noticed three ugly qualities in people that can prevent you from becoming better versions of yourself: Greed. Vanity. Addiction.


9 tips to help you survive your creative despondency

Don’t panic. You’re not alone. Creative people run out of gas all the time, but eventually fill up their tanks again. You can too.

Levelling Up

The 3 words you need to know for greater success

You might start something big. Something original. Something authentic, and totally you. A success! How cool that would be.

The Whole Human

This is why elegance is better than winning

I’d like to think that man’s deeper instincts, eventually, bend towards elegance, peacefulness, and love because elegance is better than winning.

The Whole Human

The most important asset you have, but are afraid to use

Your innocence, uniqueness, and authenticity are what set you apart. They’re the qualities that can move you closer to your goals and success.

The Whole Human

The one thing that blinds you to the best in others

Assumptions blind us to seeing people as they really are. We only see the negative. This cheats us out of experiencing the best in others.

The Whole Human

Sadness: The surprising emotion that improves focus

The next time sadness alights on your shoulders, take heart. It can sharpen your focus and maybe even lead you to creative breakthroughs with your work.

Levelling Up

5 cartoons to help you get more out of life

We’re all busy with work and the endless minutia of daily living. Immersed in our routines and commitments, it’s easy to forget the big picture.