Articles by Jo Miller

How To

The secret to a good meeting: The meeting before the meeting

When it comes to giving persuasive presentations to senior executives, never underestimate what you can accomplish in the meeting before the meeting.

Mental Health

It’s OK to ask for help: We’re all in this together

Check in on your friends and colleagues. Ask if they are OK or need help. Be willing to listen, and if necessary, act. We’re all in this together.


4 characteristics of leaders who get hired and promoted

Want to be valued by the leaders in your own organization? John Hall would encourage you to work well with your team, be data-centric, results-oriented, and operate with integrity.


25 questions to ask a mentor

Here’s how it works: Before every meeting with your mentor, prepare one question from each of these categories: stories, situations, self-awareness, and skill building.

Office Life

3 people who add instant influence to your network

If you work in a medium- to large-sized organization, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of people to join forces with. Not sure where to start? To maximize your time while expanding your network, start with these three types of people.

Office Life

Here are 5 ways to be a leader instead of a manager

“When I think about the qualities I admire most in leaders, three words come to mind. They are responsibility, accountability, and decisiveness.”

Office Life

Here’s why you can’t afford to ignore office politics

Office politics. Cliques. Hierarchies. Alignments. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t do business without ‘em.

Career Advice

6 critical missteps that hurt your career advancement

Let’s face it: it isn’t easy to break out and establish yourself as an up-and-coming leader inside a large corporation. In fact, some days you can feel like the best kept secret in the organization. If you are wondering how to become a leader or how to get promoted, be sure to avoid the following.


4 ways to execute a stretch assignment like a rockstar

The stakes are high here.

career change

4 hidden ways to take risks — and propel your career forward

Sometimes opportunities to take risks are hiding in plain sight, so it helps to become adept at spotting them.


How to shut down a colleague that takes credit for your work

There’s really only one sure-fire method of preventing people from taking credit for your work, and it is to preemptively, publicly, claim credit for everything you do.