Holly Caplan

Holly Caplan

Holly Caplan is an award-winning manager and author of Surviving the D**k Clique: A
Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information,
please visit, www.hollycaplan.com.

Articles by Holly Caplan

career change

Ready for a re-do? 5 tips to reinvent your career at any stage of life

Take a deep breath and consider the gift of freedom, but remove the red bow of fear. You can find the right career path, it will just take time and effort.

career change

3 signs you should keep your job and 3 signs you shouldn’t

Here are three signs that maybe it is time to take the leap and find a new job, and three signs that maybe you should tough it out a bit longer.

How To

From campus to career: 5 tips to stand out during the job search

Regardless of all of the wonderful advice you will hear about resume content, what to wear, and interview questions, there are other components of interviewing that can set you apart:

career change

5 tips to help you love your first job

The first job is typically full of unchartered territory and can throw curve balls full of unexpected situations. These situations aren’t something your college courses can prepare you for, but real life will. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your first job.

Mother's Day

One tough mother: How being a mom can boost your job performance

Becoming a mother made me better at my job and career. It made me more assertive and decisive. It made me more strategic and thoughtful in my work. You are forced to improve these skill sets and begin functioning at a higher level previous to children.